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  1. im sorry man...i havent been around a computer, much less one with internet for about 6 months. I should be able to do this but i just cant, and because this is in the newb section, could ya break it down for me just a bit more? computer depravation is a horrible thing, but the things you forget is even worse I entered it all into terminal but i just cant get it right
  2. oh my bad the comp is very fast..its the internet thats slower the box thats running ubuntu is also much nicer then the one thats running windows
  3. For some unknown reason, my comp thats hardwired to the router and is running ubuntu is EXTREMELY slow compared to the box thats 40 feet away and is running windows...any suggestions??
  4. Make sure your not on a big ISP, they always smite you if you have a server.
  5. I extremely love this skin, but it might look suspicious at school or work. Very Nice work though!!! edit: Skin...not thread
  6. Guys, what about someone just learning English? Seriously, I could see a purpose for this besides some dumbass not knowing how to spell. Think about people who genuinely want to learn English but have trouble and can't spell right.
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com//front/story/315630p-269825c.html Strange eh???
  8. Sexy! I still need to get a new one for me, was lookin at an all in wonder, be able to play my PS2 through my monitor.
  9. Most Emulators and ROMS are hard to find until that console is dead. Thats why finding Ps2, Gamecube and Xbox Emulators is a pain, but look for Genesis, NES, and PS emulators, and you'll find them right away.
  10. There are Geosynchronous satellites that orbit the earth every 24 hours, meaning they stay above the same location all the time.
  11. The group sounds sketchy...
  12. Im not religious, but this just isn't natural. I would be 100% against this, because in the end your always gooing to die, so why try to fight it? Something about this.....do you really think it would be you? Inside a comp, with no senses, it just seems weird to me.... Edit: Post 200, its a celebration bitches..
  13. In my school, I would get less punishment for bringing a gun. Because as we all know, grades are more important then lives. But its not worth it, at the MOST I would just tweak my own grades just a tad. As soon as people find out your changing grades, it will spread around school fast.
  14. I find this very unrealistic, but we dont use 100% of our brain power. I think around 8% is normal, and Einstein used like...15? I think, All I know is that the human mind still isnt working at its max potential.
  15. Google didnt throw up any interesting images, but apparently shes not so innocent anymore.... As seen, here. Edit: Most of the images from pages 1-20 were pretty repetitive, but a picture of a rat popped up, which I found funny.