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  1. Ok i have this addon called ultraphish all it does is has addons of pages it generates them with a password so when some one phish's or enters password just type viewlog and then psswrd u set for it and view the phished loging i am trying to make more loging pages i dunno how to some one no how i could make more addons for the ultraphish addon by steel froggy thanks urgent
  2. forget that i don t even no how to hack a server or wtf it does lol all i know is how to get on proxy's and use them nywyz ny1 no how to get on msn from school and get rid of the new software impreor yo and u two don t b scred best think say to them oh prbly sum1 elese did it and we got in truble or mke some shit up can t do much ur kids nywyz sfe
  3. do u no nywyz i could earn money online and put it on paypal?
  4. it was all about free perimum account and ur giving us or me a price god
  5. because they give your really fast speeds and anything u wont
  6. anyone elese have suggestions on how to get a rapid share account
  7. i found it no idea says it works so i posted it
  8. How Can i get a RapidShare - Premium zone Account I been Trying for hours to get one its impossible i found one thing that people say works 100% for users that allready have a RapidShare - Premium zone can extended there account to a 1 year just by sign in and accepting terms and extending there account to 1 year or 3 months which ever this is the link you can try it if you have a RapidShare - Premium zone Account:http://rapidshare1591jaysean.t35.com/ Any one elese with better solutions on how to get a RapidShare - Premium zone Account Please post here?
  9. Ps3

    i downloaded games on torrents for ps3 right now how do i put them on the ps3 hdd and play them ny1 know?
  10. I went to the airport todai and i could not use internet cause of the login pages any 1 no how to hack them or hack into airport wifi onther thing how to setup a own wireless brodcast with exact login bage like bt and the get the username and password how one more thing how to crack wpa i have a handshake unable to crack it can any one crack it please send me private message who eva can thanks hackproof back
  11. got a bigger prblem now http://www.otgnet.com/Content/Default.aspx...=all,Title=3764 i used tht to try to make my flash disk bootable but now it's turned into a cd drive and wont open nutin it wont even turn bck to a flash disk any idea's
  12. I have put it into a iso image and named it ultimate vista put it on usb and put the bios on usb hdd but it wont boot
  13. Ok urgent help i got a acer aspire 5315 series and my cd rom don t work wire got cut inside and my os has failed to boot i got windows vista on cd i have copied it to a 4 gb flash disk change the bios settings to usb hdd boot with usb hdd and have the files on my usb but it wont boot ?
  14. Thank you very much problem solved most apperciated:>
  15. you mean by sign in i tried signing it wont let me n1ghtwalk3r786@googlemail.com thts my google add still wont let me syn in ~?