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  1. I heard there was a torrent out of the files but I haven't been able to find it. There's one of the high quality and the low quality audio files...that'd probably be the best way to do distrobution of the videos. If nothing else we could take up a collection. Everyone pitches in $5 or so and someone gets the set then releases them via torrent. The Abtruse One
  2. I can't tell you for sure, but there have been articles in Wired, Slashdot, and Fark about it. Search any of those three and you'll find it. The Abstruse One
  3. If you check out the archives of OTH, this is actually how they got Bernie S on the show when he was in prison. He was only allowed to call numbers on a certain pre-approved list. WBAI wasn't on that list, so they had him call a number that was approved (possibly Emmanuel's), then had that number call-forward to a special line on the WBAI PBX so they'd know it was him calling. I think they went over all this during one of the HOPE social engineering panels. The Abstruse One
  4. As an avid podcast listener (I'm sick of all the CDs I own and it's a long work day), I wholeheartedly support phreaking radio shows. Just make sure to have actual content and make calls. Get a few people who don't clam up just because you're recording and who have a decent personality and voice and go for it. Even if you only last 5 episodes, that's 5 hours or whatever of my time at work that you helped kill. Hell, I've been listening to podcasts on comic books, Harry Potter, and that one that was the link of the day in this week's binrev...nothing against any of those shows, but it's basically just a couple of people talking about whatever they're interested in only doing it in front of a mic. Hot tip: Drink LOTS of caffeine before the show. ENERGY!! Many early podcasts are ruined because the hosts get nervous or clam up actually recording themselves. Just make sure it's interesting. You'll know after 3 episodes or so if podcasting's for you or not. Oh, and one other thing. PUNK MUSIC. I'm sick of all the hacking shows having this ambiant bullshit techno stuff. Default's had it closest with KMFDM. The Abstruse One
  5. I just moved to Austin a few months ago...there is a 2600 meeting that I have yet to attend (but I plan to be there for the next one a week from tomorrow), but I also know there is or used to be a DefCon meeting here...but for the life of me I can't find out when or where! Tried emailing the contact on defcon.org and got no reply, tried their website and it's down...I don't know what to do other than ask at the 2600 meeting... The Abstruse One
  6. Yeah, it's working great. Thanks Biz The reason I needed an SMTP server is because for one thing I needed the emails to come from my regular email address. And for another, there were like 10 of them backed up that I'd already written out and didn't want to have to re-do from scratch in gmail or yahoo mail ;; The Abstruse One
  7. Here's the deal. I'm on with my second dial-up ISP in two weeks because the first one didn't seem to understand that if I'm typing in my username and password correctly and I have a freshly-formatted computer that connects just fine to another ISP, then it's on THEIR end if I'm getting invalid username/password errors trying to connect. This new ISP doesn't seem to understand that not being able to log onto the POP3 server has NOTHING to do with getting a DNS error on the SMTP server when I'm able to connect to anything else on the net so... I need an SMTP server I can use. It doesn't matter if it's a public relay or if it's your personal server. I'm trying to send out my resume to get a job but it's kinda hard when you get errors from every SMTP server you try to use. Can anyone help me out please? The Abstruse One
  8. Reminds me of this "hacker" I met in a chatroom once. After spending half an hour called everyone gay and retarded, he bragged about how he could hack anyone and started asking for their IP addresses. So I gave him mine. guy came back into the room after about 5 minutes saying he was going to report me to the FBI and the CIA for hacking his computer. Ah, kids.... The Abstruse One
  9. Apparently, we've established that a DATU will not do what I need it to do for the short film. Okay, so no more reason to discuss DATUs. I am still curious if there's a quick and easy way to knock out the phone service to an area of about three blocks or so. VOIP isn't common enough yet to worry about and people don't tend to go for their cell phones to dial 911, so I'm not worried about them either. I don't care how you work a DATU. I don't want a number for one, or a password, or anything like that. I have no desire to actually use one, I just want to know enough to make it look realistic on film. Just like how I know in general terms how to make a fertilizer bomb, but I couldn't ACTUALLY make one even if you handed me all the ingredients and a manual. I just wanted to know how one worked in general terms. I've learned all I need to know for this script. DATUs only work on single lines or possibly a few lines, not large areas. Therefore, I don't need to know anything else about them. So hopefully that ends THAT part of the argument. However, I still need another options if anyone can help. Someone mentioned knocking out the local loop. Would it need to be anything more complex than snipping a few wires at the nice little aluminum-framed box sitting on the corner (don't tell me WHAT cables to cut though), or would I need to do something like drive a car into it? I'm going for fast and subtle...and preferably remote. Again, any ideas are greatly appreciated. The Abstruse One
  10. It needs to be realistic, take out the radius in which someone might call the cops in a suburban neighborhood if they heard a gunshot, and it has to be something that in and of itself wouldn't raise any alarms for at least half an hour. In other words, if yanking wires out of the box would cause the phone company to send out a repairman within a few minutes or so, then he wouldn't do it. Here's the setup. A professional hitman is entering a home to kill two people. He's using a handgun and wants to delay the arrival of the police until he is out of the area. So he would need the phone lines down for at least enough time to enter the home, kill the two people (in the same room), and be at least a mile from the scene before anyone arrives. Any advice would be appreciated. This isn't a major plot point or anything, it'll just be glossed over...but I want it realistic...I mean I've thrown in lots of little stuff no one will probably notice (the hitman running a file over the barrel of the gun, destroying the prepaid cell phone, etc.) Thanks for the help and anything else you guys can do... The Abstruse One
  11. You know how a lot of people say "for informational purposes only" to try to get out of posting how to do illegal stuff? Well, in this case it's true. I'm working on the script to a short film that requires the main character to knock out the phone service to a specific area without raising a lot of alarm bells (IE just blowing up the switch or trunk or whatever). Now, I recall someone mentioning that a DATU is used by the phone company to cut service to a line or multiple lines for testing purposes. If someone uses a DATU, they could do this as well for possibly (and in the case of the character, definately) nefarious purposes. So my question is how exactly does it work? Not asking for step-by-step directions after which I could run out and do it myself. I have no desire to do that. It's just that my films tend to stray into areas of fantasy (ghosts, vampires, etc.) and I try to keep everything else going on as realistic as possible to help the audience buy the fantasy bits. The way I have it scripted, the character is dials a number and after a second or two, starts punching in keys on the cell phone. I also have him using a prepaid cell phone. I don't go into much detail about it or anything, and I'm not even sure I mentioned exactly how he did it in the script, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right. If you have any better suggestions, that would be helpful as well. Just so that it will knock out telephone service to an area of about 2-3 square blocks. You can PM me if you don't want to post it. Thanks in advance. The Abstruse One
  12. You can "not believe" in them all you want. And honestly, I agree with you. Most of the most retarded calls I got when I worked for Dell tech support were from people who started off the call rattling off their certs. "I'm A+ and Microsoft Certified and I sysadmin a Windows 2000 network." "What's your problem?" "My computer's running slow." "Let's take a look at MSConfig." "What's that?" But in the real world, companies don't take "Yeah, I know it. Really!" as qualifications for a job. You could write the Linux shell from scratch, but you'll lose the job to the guy with the MCSE. And I have a feeling shortly that I will be looking for a job soon. Right now, I'm making about $2200 a month gross (a LOT for this area) and if I don't get a job that pays about that much, I won't be able to live off of it. So I figure the quickest way to make sure that I can get a job that pays that much (since it'll take a minimum of 3 years working my ass off to get a degree) is to get a certification of some sort. Once you get into the real world, you'll understand j/k The Abstruse One
  13. Best bet is a program called PeerGuardian. It's a mini-firewall made specifically to block traffic from companies that have started monitoring peer-to-peer networks. The only problem I have seen with it is when someone downloads something new or really hot (Star Wars Episode III two days after the theatrical release, for example), it sucks up processor time like a black hole blocking all the pings and other traffic from those sites. Also, it tends to block websites that are seemingly innocuous, such as mail.yahoo.com or www.dell.com. Oh, this is purely hypothetical of course...downloading illegal pirated software, movies, and music is illegal and...ummm...education use only and...whatever, just don't blame me if you get busted. Just talking about a program I've heard about, not admitting to using it or anything...shut up, I'm sleep deprived! The Abstruse One
  14. I have fairly decent computer skills (amazing compared to the general population, but I'm a n00b compared to most of the people on here). However, I feel rather confidant that, if I had the chance, I could get a certification of some sort without too much difficulty. However, all the places I have found to get one costs between $500-1000 and has a required class you have to take. Well, I have neither that much money nor the time to take any shitty classes where I most likely will learn nothing I didn't already know or couldn't have learned after spending an hour with a textbook. So I put the question to you. Do any of you know any places that offer free certifications or free practice tests? Or someone that has decent prices? I'd pay the money to get a certification that would pretty much be a free ticket for a better job IF I knew I could pass the test (not just think I could). Anyone have any links? Thanks in advance, and mods feel free to move this...I couldn't think which forum this should go under so I posted it here. The Abstruse One
  15. Everyone else is using this forum to send well-wishes and stuff, so I'll throw my two cents in... StankDawg = t3h r0xX0rZ Playa Hatas = t3h sUxX0r "The difference between a movement and a revolution is that movements eventually stop. But a revolution just keeps on revolving." -- Horribly misquoted from some movie, probably Sneakers. There's a saying about taking all knowlege to be your domain or something like that. Hackers typify that. Stank most of all. There's been several episodes of BRR where I couldn't care less about the topic at hand, but it was still cool because you knew Stank was getting off on learning something from his co-host. And, unlike a lot of people out there, Stank was big on SHARING knowlege. Everyone in here remembers what it was like when they first got into hacking. A bunch of people in hidden far off IRC channels who would flame and mock anyone who came looking for help or a leg up trying to learn what's going on. BinRev is the first and so far only community I've seen that actually went out of its way to help people geting started by teaching them and showing them how to teach themselves. I personally think that, though it was the effort of many people, Stank was at the center and if it weren't for him, I'd still think that every hacker on the net was a dickhead whose only purpose for being online was to insult and degrade people who know less than they do. Drop in and say hey every once in a while Stank. The Abstruse One