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  1. Well i just got Knoppix STD, booted from the cd perfectly, installed it on the comp, Its a really good distro. Thanks for RFA, cause of them decided to get it and it was worth it.
  2. I got mine 2 days ago = ) Five nice volumes = ) It took about 5 months or so ( around there) for them to come in
  3. I guess i join u guys when i have time = )
  4. heheh thats pretty funny = )
  5. Why the hell would a book teach you how to use attacks like buffer overflows ??? They just explain how its done...
  6. looks like it, it doesent want to load up on me either = (
  7. hmmm ya i wonder who its is.... hmmm mabye one of the new members of DDP, who knows... anyways i havent listened to 9, 10 yet, been SO busy cause of school.
  8. This isnt a place where we teach someone how to hack Its a place about sharing information
  9. they have a store know, u can buy a t-shirt, they have a new web disign, looks pretty cool. But T-shirts.. ?
  10. noooo..... cartman is the best, especially the episode he goes to jail for the "hate" crime when he threw a rock at a black kid
  11. LOL thats great
  12. Ya u seen that a long time ago. Nothing special at all
  13. Ya thats pretty retarted, and ya Screamer that avatar is REALLY big..
  14. Ya nice show dual you and stank always diliver a great show
  15. I love that movie = ) One of the greatest animated/cartoon movies of all time next to Bevis and Butthead - Do America = )
  16. ahhh i love living here = ) Great country indeed
  17. usually good stunts, are planned very well = ) I honesly dont believe someone from the future came here lol....
  18. all i can say is Intresting..... I think its just another stunt
  19. Ya theres a lot of sites that are doing this = ) i think there all ready was a post about this some where
  20. very nice link Raven, thanks
  21. hehe, this will be my first year in college also = ) I got the books etc... Cant wait
  22. good show guys = ) I liked it a lot. Cant wait for Binrev Magazine to come out Monday = ) (or near that date)
  23. i think hes talking to vooduhal, seems like vooduhal sent raven those questions and raven answered them = )
  24. Well i just bought 4 of the 6 books i need for my first semester of college (my first year in College). I opened all the books, read some stuff. I have this book called "Introducing Networking, Understanding Network Programs, Processes, and Protocals" anyways in the Introductory Chp they give all the Terms that are important and used a lot through out the book. Hacker - A Hacker is a very skilled, curious, experimental programmer. A hack is an unorthodox, often elegant, solution to a programming problem. See criminal hacker. Criminal hacker (cracker) - A cracker is someone who gets fun or profit from breaching a secure system and possibly stealing information or damaging data. You have to admit, its not the perfect definiton. Heres my question. You think the term Hacker is getings its original term slowly ? I think it is slowly, really slowly, what u guys think ?
  25. Stank, theres nothing wrong with that Policy = ) I wouldnt want to pay 6.75 (CND) for articles that are posted somewhere else or that i have read all ready