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  1. I got mine 2 days ago = ) Five nice volumes = ) It took about 5 months or so ( around there) for them to come in
  2. I guess i join u guys when i have time = )
  3. heheh thats pretty funny = )
  4. Why the hell would a book teach you how to use attacks like buffer overflows ??? They just explain how its done...
  5. looks like it, it doesent want to load up on me either = (
  6. hmmm ya i wonder who its is.... hmmm mabye one of the new members of DDP, who knows... anyways i havent listened to 9, 10 yet, been SO busy cause of school.
  7. This isnt a place where we teach someone how to hack Its a place about sharing information
  8. they have a store know, u can buy a t-shirt, they have a new web disign, looks pretty cool. But T-shirts.. ?
  9. noooo..... cartman is the best, especially the episode he goes to jail for the "hate" crime when he threw a rock at a black kid
  10. LOL thats great
  11. Ya u seen that a long time ago. Nothing special at all
  12. Ya thats pretty retarted, and ya Screamer that avatar is REALLY big..
  13. Ya nice show dual you and stank always diliver a great show
  14. I love that movie = ) One of the greatest animated/cartoon movies of all time next to Bevis and Butthead - Do America = )
  15. ahhh i love living here = ) Great country indeed