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  1. Official DEFCON pinned thread

    Getting in on the 2nd. Come find me at the oCTF table or wandering the hotel drunk.
  2. is there such a thing as to much power?

    The other thing you should consider is how power efficient your power supply is. There are a lot of lower quality ones out there that use a ton of power which is essentially wasted.
  3. Forensic's Software

    Check out Sleuthkit, it's the best you're gonna get for free.
  4. Get it!
  5. If it's checking by IP address the only way to really be able to cheat it is to connect with different ip addresses...
  6. $35 tablet on the way?

    Let's see them keep it at $35 with a halfway decent screen and able to do 3d acceleration like the iPad and other tablets can do. For $35 it's pretty cool, but the fresh rate of the screen and the fact that it's not multitouch are the two things right off the bat that kill it for me.
  7. Phone Number Reversal

    Wow it actually provides Cell information as well.
  8. Is there a cheap C++ program?

    llvm+clang is starting to pickup steam and will be replacing GCC in OS X and FreeBSD in the near future. It has some really nice features and if you're not in a windows environment should check it out.
  9. Screen flickering using new distros

    My friend was telling me he was having some graphics issues after a kernel upgrade in Fedora 13 maybe a week ago, could be related.
  10. LDAP Anyone ?

    Been looking into learning more about LDAP potentially using it in at least one upcoming project.
  11. iWar 0.08 demo and HOPE talk.

    ooooooo sexy!
  12. How badly does opensource hurt the IT market?

    I definitely wouldn't say that open source is taking away jobs, but I don't know that it's specifically creating much in the way of new work. In my own experience I really haven't seen difficulty finding work within the development line of work. Most people I've seen complain about lack of work either don't network well or don't have the necessary skills. I've found myself out of work many time and it's never taken long to find more freelance work or other opertunities.
  13. Official binrev DEFCON 2010 meetup

    I'll be in vegas from wednesday - monday running oCTF in the contest room, feel free to stop by and say hello, play, or be a gofer (still need some). Probably gonna be busy thursday with setup but I'm hoping to get to the toxic bbq eventually. wednesday night and sunday are really the only times I'm available.
  14. Don't tell people your skills.

    It's what they do, how else do you expect them to make their money other than their shitty magazine with old/incorrect/bad articles?
  15. Hack The Planet TERM

    lol, so stoked to try this out