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  1. "You want a real cool hack for your Creative Zen Micro? Open it up and replace the hard drive with a CF card. It's more durable and shock proof. There are numerous complaints on the Zen Micro regarding the HD locking up or damages caused by bad falls. That is why some hackers (including me) decided to modify it. My Micro now has a 1 Gbyte CF card (replaced the original 5 Gbyte Hardisk which just stopped working for one day for no apparent reason), and I like the faster startups and less library rebuilding. But don't get too excited. There are a couple of things to worry about before you get into the hacks. First, opening up your Zen micro may void your equipment's warranty. Opening your Zen Micro is a little tricky and you might damage the cover. And finally, this is the most important: hacking and replacing your Micro's HD requires you to erase the its FIRMWARE and reload/ upgrade to the latest version. Be extra careful when entering the SERVICE MODE and erasing the FIRMWARE, once you've done it you'll render your player unusable, unless you connect to a computer and upgrade it. Uprading the firmware also requires WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10 or older version. Zen Micro's firmware upgrader will not wotk on WINDOW MEDIA PLAYER 11! This might require you to roll back or uninstall your copy of Media Player 11. On with the hack... Get a mini screwdriver. On top of the micro, insert the screwdriver between the flaps and the ON/ OFF switch and pry it open. It's just the top cover sealed with adhesive. Once you lift the flap, you'll see too screws on top. Loosen it and take it out. Then remove the battery. There is a metal plate that slides up or down to lock the front cover and the body. Slide it down to unlock and press/ push carefully until you separated the two. Then remove the metal plate. This will expose the back of the main board. There are four locks on the side. Pry out the main board by inserting the screwdriver between the board and the cover. Remove also the connector between the main board and the front board (contains the LCD and the buttons). Remove the Hardisk from the front board, again by prying it out. Then remove the HD from its connector, replace it with your new CF card (any brand works for me, storage size: your choice. Then put it all back together and your done with the hardware. Next it's time to upgrade the firmware. Download from the internet the latest FIRMWARE version for Zen Micro from the CREATIVE site in your region. The latest I could get is version 2.21 (ZenMicroP4S_PCFW_L16_2_21_02.exe) download it here: Next install the FIRMWARE UPGRADER. Be sure you are using WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10 or older, otherwise your PC will not recognize your player. Charge your battery fully and connect your Zen Micro to the PC. It will startup and enter the recovery mode. Then run the Upgrade. Once the PC recognizes your Micro, you'll have the option to upgrade the FIRMWARE into that latest version you downloaded. Choose that option. Wait for the FIRMWARE upgrade to complete and reboot or disconnect your player from your PC. You're done! Organize your Zen Micro with CREATIVE MEDIA SOURCE as before, or drag songs into your player using MY COMPUTER. Enjoy your new hack! more infos on upgrading the firmware at this link:,00.htm how to dismantle you Zen Micro, here: Please visit my site at Teen Modeling and Talent's site I created at or our art group's official website I created at