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  1. If your lazy, you could attempt to check it against some rainbow tables and see if anything has already been inputted into the database. just make sure you know what type of hashing it is. (If it is hashing)
  2. The problem with copying them off of the ipod is that you loose the titles of the songs. the best way would to connect to the other computer either by cat5 or wireless. just copy all the music into the public folder, set up the somputer to allow file sharing under network connections menu. connect to it and copy all of the music out of the public folder onto the desktop. For the future though, you should conisder exsternal HD's they are simple and you wont have to worry about transfering files when you buy new computers and such.
  3. Well I'm not sure what info you want but ill tell you how it happends. To get access to the internet i must log into a app. called "cisco clean access". It checks my computer to make sure i have symantec virus software and that it is up to date. then if my computer passes, I get internet access. if it fails it gives me a link to dl symantect or update it. once on the internet its pretty normal web browsing. I get as much Bandwidth as i want, and i havent run into any real problems other than it runs a bit slow during class registration. I can search for torrents, but when i acually click the link to dl the torrent file for my utorrent, it gives me a "this page cannot be displayed" page instead of allowing me to dl the file. Also if i already have the torrent files dl and currently running in utorrent, and then take it back to school after i dl the torrents, it wont progress on the dl's. kind of like there are no seeders out or somthing. I've gone into my firewall and attempted to open a few pots, didnt do anything. I dont know if i did them wrong, or if they were the wrong ports, or if the network blocked it anyways. I hope that helps, I'll try to give as much info as i can to anyone that needs it, but i am not at school right now so my info may be limited.
  4. I need some help solving this. the network i connect to while im at school blocks torrenting. I have two questions. 1. How do they do it. 2. How can I get around it so ican torrent. I thought that maybe ssh tunneling could work, but i'm not sure.