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  1. is Kinda bored with life.

  2. I would start with a twenty and work my way up from there. But Im pretty sure he would accept the twenty.
  3. That may be a problem if you ever intend to buy a house or start a business. Also, they're actually quite useful for keeping a moving a cashflow if you know how to manage them correctly. Very handy if one needs a rental car, too. I do not think rental companies will accept Visa Debit Cards. That's actually a very popular myth. I've rented a car on multiple occasions from different renters using my debit card. you can swipe most debt cards as credits cards. Works with visa debit cards 100%. ps credit score 666 figure that one
  4. Thank yah thank yah
  5. Just interested in any good articles youve read on wireless hacking or anything you might think is helpful.
  6. Okay so it is a bit of a money issue and design issue. We will see what the future brings us in processors.
  7. Wow funny but random
  8. Okay I remember seeing a show on the production of chips some time in the history, so I understand mass production on that part. So besides cheaper for smaller chips is there anything that is really limiting the production of a larger chip? Dinsurge my point for a larger chip isnt to increase the size of everything on the chip but to increase the area to place more transistors. I am guessing though as we continue on the path of moores law we will get to a point where we will back up and increase the size of the transistors even though we could go smaller. Will reach a point where it isnt worth making them that small.
  9. I thought of the heat problem makes since, but more heat for more kick in my opinion is worth it. without a doubt
  10. Why are processor chips so small? I know that we are making transistors smaller and smaller and more per chip feeding my need for speed, but still why have chips that are maybe an inch wide, why not make a chip 2 or 3 inches wide triple the room for transistors. Any reasoning for trying to keep the chips so small and cram more on them instead of making them bigger and cramming even more on them?
  11. occasionally reminded of the rather unpleasant fact that people such as yourself actually EXIST. I prefer to pretend that they don't.

  12. You thoroughly disgust me. A member of a military, who makes quasi-fascist comments such as "People need to determine when it is time to set aside their rights for the good of others." and ridiculous ones regarding wanting to kill "the inventor" of spyware, in addition to more moralistic idiocy such as an idea to create malware to delete child pornography. Ugh. I am occasiona...

  13. Why are you looking at my page. Leave me alone and stop snooping. Assholes

  14. People need to determine when it is time to set aside their rights for the good of others.
  15. True it would be thrown out of a court case, but it would be sufficient evidence for a search warrant. Which would then lead to either finding the evidence for a court case, or scaring the person into hopefully stopping. Hopefully someone takes this idea, crafts and molds it, and does some good for the world. Goodluck