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  1. Yes, but it doesn't matter how the pages look as long as we provide a good quality sevice to our customers. Also we are very busy designing other websites for clients so are not currently concentrating on our own website, as we have had a large ammount of customers recently. Callum Phenix Geeks and Co
  2. I don't see a link idiot. I Know there is no link. This is because we are offering you a special price separate to our normal price list Callum Phenix Geeks and Co Hosting
  3. As i have already said if you want i can provide you with hosting for $20 a year including a .com domain with 15gb space and 90gb bandwidth if you sign up you will also get acess to my clients area with software and website templates,etc including ebay auction templates. You can sign up for just the clients area for $5 a year or get it free with hosting. PM me for more details P.S. This offer is open to anyone on the board
  4. we have recently redesigned our website so it looks like I forgot to up the new designs
  5. I can provide you with hosting for £7.5 or $15 with 5gb space and 30gb bandwidth with a .com domain. PM me if you want more info
  6. I forgot to say, we will also give you acess to our clients area were you have acess you hundreds of website templates and software
  7. Our new servers have come online so we can now provide you reseller hosting for £35 or $70 a year for 50gb space and 300gb bandwidth. But all is neogotiable! PM, email ( or fax (0845 301 0057 )me for more details or if you want different ammounts.
  8. I can provide anyone with cheap webhosting with a .com domain for £10 -£ 15 or $20-$30 a year for 15-25gb of space and 75-125gb bandwidth or a .info domain and hosting for £6.50 - £11.50 or $11 - $23 for a year or 2 years domain and hostng for two years for £16 - £26 or $32 - $52 it runs using cpanel meaning you get things like stats and fantastico payment must be by paypal PM, email ( or fax (0845 301 0057 )me for more details or if you want different ammounts. Callum Phenix Geeks and Co Hosting
  9. Hi, if you want i can provide you with hosting for $20 a year including a .com domain with 15gb space and 90gb bandwidth if you want more details pm me
  10. i have used cmd to open the remote shutdown service using shutdown - , this works at home but at shool it is access denied can u change the permissions to do this and how would u do it
  11. yes but it comes up access denied i have a .bat that kills the web security but not the user client
  12. If this is the case on the network you use, then stealing port 3003 obviously won't stop the central logging. If all else fails, boot a live CD...unless doing so has been disabled in the password-protected bios Like booting A LiveCD is possible. They're going to freak when they see a weird desktop, and at least be concerned when you are at the computer but nothing is being logged. Let them freak... you don't happen to have a written copy of their 'rules' we could pick through?? or just start sending crap out that 3003 or whatever port... do a DNS on his little watcher program. Opps? sorry... I was playing with network sockets in C and 3003 sounded like a easy one to remember... sorry you were already using that to monitor our actions Mr. Bush. or whatever name you want to iterate your point with. whos rules
  13. i know it does that but the logs are stored on remote servers an the admin client software will notopen them on our network. and i dont-care about the log as i can make it wipe itself, its the fact thah they can see whats onmy screen i want to stop
  14. also it is not a trojan the software that proccesses it moniters all computers on network, or you could be able to help me get pass accessed denied or get access to systems 32 as it is blocked
  15. oh yeah.. that would be a problem... Have ya gone through the process manager and started killing things to see what would happen? yes i have but the port opens again, but you can use that method to end the web security bit of it all other software is either access denied or opens back up, the software is called impero and if you want pm me and i will send acopy of the software