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  1. tech/hacker conferences

    I'll be there this year (if you were there we prob. met, i was the guy with the speaker backpacks, or as I call, the six legged groove machine), and shortly after will be moving to Nashville myself, partly for my music, mostly for vanderbilt :-p
  2. is back bitches, long time no see <3

  3. Comics for Hackers in their Teens

    did you end up getting it? if so you should scan a bit of it
  4. Viewing private forums!

    this works wonderfully on many poorly configured pay porn fourms out there
  5. Nortel CallPilot

    i wonder what qualifies you for this "hacker list"... nice way for a phone company worker to stalk an ex, eh? heh
  6. Pendrive File Stealer

    ive seen usb drives that mounted a section as a virtual cd (as some systems wont autoplay/run anything off of anything but cd) and autoplayed a batch script that grab whatever you wanted
  7. backtrack 3 beta boots wonderfully on my eee pc, and i have no wifi problems at all the only problem i have is that the screen has such funky deminsions that sometimes you get a little off-screenage, but nothing major, just little cosmetic things
  8. How Miley Cyrus email hacked for saucy photos

    oh shit, trainreq has a leet tutorial about downloading music off myspace! i wish I had his skills... from what I have seen he seems to know a fair bit abotu miss Cyrus (at least more than I) and he is completely, or at least seems to be completely aware that she is underaged... yet he is still flirting with the idea of selling the nude pictures i think mr trainreq is going to get more than a good lesson in law fairly soon. What gets me is not only is he posting this stuff, but on his site he has quoted a person who i assume is a friend with saying that everyone who doesn't want to blow him is just "jealous because they aren't famous for hacking a celebrity" ....wonder if i could book him as the keynote speaker for carolinacon...obviously we could all learn a lot from this amazing kid heh
  9. Someone help me already

    perhaps it was just a clever attempt to social engineer you all into tell them a better way and pointing out all the flaws/problems haha
  10. - Free CNAM Lookups

    well it's embarq country but its coming up as carolina telephone and telegraph and while all of our stuff here still says sprint, i've never known them to still operate under or make referance to the old name :-p not that it really matters because i know what it ment, I was just curious what kind of database would make the mistake of forgetting that such a tiny independant telephone company had been part of a fairly large and well known one for the past 40 or 50 so years i like the site though
  11. - Free CNAM Lookups

    natas, what kind of source are you using for the cnam because it seems to think i'm getting service from a phone company that hasn't existed by this name since i've been fact i am fairly sure it was bought out in the late 60's
  12. hacker, you stole my bike, hacker

  13. North Carolina?

    they are on the first friday of every month in raleigh, at the royal bean near meredith collage and NC State, on hillsborogh street
  14. North Carolina?

    im living ini raleigh right now, id be down for somethign if i could find the time...haveyou ever been to an nc2600 meeting? we generally get 15-30 people each meeting. Where in NC are you?
  15. HOPE

    i'll be there <3