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  1. We know Google has and shares our data. In the letters sections of one of the trade magazines I get, a reader mentioned ixquick.com , which claims to not store any identifying information or share any they have with law enforcement. My question is if anyone is familiar with this service, is the claim accurate, how good a search engine is it, and are there other similar searches available?
  2. Ok, started a new job in the shipping department at a airplane manufacturer. It's a pretty easy-going place, so I get to do some wandering around. Stashed in a corner is a couple of tables of computers for training. After watching for a while and noticing that no one is doing any training on them, I go and check them out. Greeted with a Windows login screen (and a warning that this is the company's computer and network), I tried a couple of default admin logins to no avail. Let's see what rebooting brings up. The BIOS is password protected, but these HP's also have a boot menu that is not locked. Coming back later with a KNOPPIX cd, I pop it in, reboot, choose the cd drive and am greeted with a penguin! OK, now what? I'm a major linux noob, and am looking for suggestions for exercises to try to help learn my way through both KNOPPIX and exploring new systems. I'm not looking for corporate espionage or sabotage, just some learning suggestions.
  3. I've seen those before somewhere, glad for the free copies, looking forward to sitting down with them.
  4. Sweet. The times I went in search of a free Ghost alternative, I never did find one. Anyone else with opinions on this as a backup tool?
  5. I've got a Sylvania SMPK2072 mp3 player. It recently decided to conk out on me. When I turn it on, the light in the corner of the screen comes on, but nothing appears. All the files show up when it's plugged into the computer, so it's still storing files. It's been left on the charger overnight, cut all the files out, put them back in, put only what appear to be the system files back in, still nothing. Digging finally uncovered some troubleshooting help here, where it was suggested to download Sigmatel MSCN Audio Player from the cd that came with the player. Of course that is long gone, and evidently so is the company. More digging finally found a place to download the program, installed it, and it searches for players that are plugged in, and just sits there searching. So, are there any other suggestions about resurrecting this thing, other mp3 player firmware that may be compatible, or suggestions for experimentation with this new hunk of plastic?
  6. No such luck. I've tried several "hold down the button" and "hold down A while pressing B" combinations as well, all to no avail.
  7. I got about half of it where does that put me?
  8. Short answer, it's a legitimate tactic, but the implementation, both technical and legal, needs to be well thought out. So, it's a good idea that our government will likely mess up and\or abuse if they actually try it.
  9. I'm on J!nx. There are some interesting folks and topics, but it's just not very active. If anyone wishes to come help alleviate that problem, feel free.
  10. Anyone done this? I'm trying to fix my mother in laws computer, I can't boot the hard drive, trying to run the Recovery Console from disk, it asks for the admin password. I don't think she set one up, but leaving it blank doesn't work. Doing some googling, I found the trick above a few times, and was wondering if anyone has successfully pulled it off without ruining the HD.
  11. Never, ever, ever underestimate the depths of human stupidity. That was uncalled for. :growl:
  12. I'm enrolled in the University of Phoenix, and they have a link to dreamspark, letting you now all the free stuff you are eligible for. The one time I remembered to check it out at home, the dreamspark site was down. It's on the list of thing to get done soon, though.
  13. Clamwin doesn't have a active defender mode does it? Or do I just have the wrong version? Or is that one of those "more features" to get Avast for?
  14. Not yet. Give it time.
  15. I don't think I qualify as knowing how to hack. I pick up 2600, listen to talks from HOPE and DEFCON, lurk around here, and poke around my computer at home and the ones at work (just a little bit). Learning a lot, but not enough to earn a title.
  16. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Orwell was a prophet for turning England into Oceania.
  17. Unfortunately, you are in the minority. /old fart mode/ Kids these days got no respect fer nuthin'. Back in my day, we had to walk two miles in the snow, uphill both ways, just to wait an hour to download the wrong ASCII picture. /end old fart mode/
  18. Tmobile. Evidently the airport near our neighborhood messes up reception, as does being in the basement. Since it is has been consistent at two different houses and several different phones, I'll blame them and their network.
  19. My 2gb one vanished recently, it had Firefox, Damn Small Linux, MAME (street fighter) Project 64 (Goldeneye), Neopop (neogeo pocket) Zsnes(everything I have at home) nintendo and GB emulators, as well as Open Office Portable, Netscan (I don't think that's the right name now, the only scanner I found that doesn't need winpcap) IEpassview, sysexplorer, a few other tools I can't think of off the top of my head. Now I got a cheap little 1gb that is slow as snot and thus far only has Firefox, DSL (upgraded to 3.4.12) and a folder for school docs and pdfs.
  20. I've heard and seen different takes on downloading roms. Some say it's illegal period, some say it's ok if you own the cartridge, romboard, ect, some say you can keep it 24 hours if you don't own a copy. Is there any real consensus on the subject (court rulings) or is everyone talking out their butts? Personally I would love to own all the old games I have roms of, but I would still use the emulators to play them.
  21. So, out of curiosity, where would this example fall? I have a ton of cassette tapes, many from one-off hair metal bands that never went anywhere and the label doesn't keep in print. Would one have a legal right to obtain digital copies of these recordings? I already paid for the original (sometimes used, just to throw a fun curve ball in ), and simply want it in digital format. Logically, it makes sense, especially with the out of print stuff, but we know that law and logic are like oil and water.
  22. I'm going with the majority (as of this writing) and say no. Yes, there are success stories of people who took their great idea and ran with it and ended up in the Fortune 500, but there are thousands of others whose bodies litter the same path because for one reason or another, their idea didn't work or they couldn't implement it. Used properly, school can help you improve your great idea, network your great idea, get investors (time, money, emotional support) for your great idea, ect. Just be sure and document everything so some one else who did decide to drop out and pursue their great idea doesn't beat you to the punch.
  23. Original Story Big honking botnet sucking down passwords, and transferring funds out of accounts. What jumped out at me was the comment above, which is the first line of the article, declaring that this was done with network adm tool. All the google hits on Coreflood, the program used, just list it as a trojan, not a tool. No mention of any other tools utilized. Paranoia spreader, poor journalism, or a combination of both?
  24. I found a nifty little trick to look up a stack of comic strips. It ain't much, but it is a reminder that you never know what you'll stumble onto if you keep your eyes open. I was reading Zits (great strip, 15 yo musician/slacker, funny stuff) and noticed that his usual girlfriend hadn't made any appearances for a while. Trying to find any story developments I'd missed, I landed on the wikipedia page, which noted there was a tone down of the relationship. The article referenced a strip, with a link to the same newspaper site I read the strip on at work. The date was several months ago, and the newspaper only shows a month's worth of a strip. I noticed on the link though, there was a group of 8 numbers that were a date at the end of the link. Curious, I clicked the wiki link and bam, there was the old strip. All the drop down menus and buttons on the site were current, but the strip was the old one. A little twiddling (typing different dates into the URL) took me back to several years worth of strips, and further experimenting showed it works on several of their strips, just not the ones that link directly to other sites, like Dilbert . It appears to go back to whenever the paper started carrying the strip, since some will go back further than others. The site: Seatttle Post Intelligencer Example: Fittting for this board, no? Now, to keep this from just floating to the bottom, any one have a few similar finds, accessing old content with a few keystrokes?
  25. Wireshark, nmap, and most packet sniffers I've tried on USB don't work unless winpcap is installed on the machine. Thus far putting the DLL on the thumbdrive hasn't worked either. I've had better luck with Damn Small Linux, which will run nmap without the winpcap. I would love any suggestions on how to get wireshark to work without it. Softperfect Network Scanner works on my thumbdrive, and has come up with lots of interesting things, but I don't know how silent or traceable it is. Check it out here.