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  1. I invited you to start a DISTCC Pool that all members of binrev can participate....... responsible users only we could all enjoy the benefits of code compiling faster. its a pain waiting for google chromium with my own optimization's to build. and yes responsible users with out malicious intent. thank you
  2. I/O redirection is what using < / > is called.
  3. im starting a project that takes base64 encoding as a form of file encryption and bzip2 compressing the file in one shot. im having trouble implementing the bzip2 functions base64 works fine but when it comes to converting a string to char its hell because the BZ2_bzBuffToBuffCompress(); function takes char. and it will not compile. im a beginner in c/cpp so my code isnt clean, i figured when i had a working draft i would make it clean and commented. complete source is in the file attachment someone help. i made a build script that builds all the dependencies like bzip2 components and then linked into the final program the file is build.sh. this program is cross platform(to my knowledge) windows devel is welcome. for vc express all you need to do is add all your sources and compile it should work it should just link all the object files and be fine. bz64.zip
  4. it does work seamlessly but im trying to simplify the process of base64 < "random file" > "random outputfile"; bzip2 -zvv "random outputfile"; ive tried this on binary files and it works the files apear to be fine after reversing the process. bzip2 was an excellent candidate because of its compression and fallback sorting algorithm. the idea was to scramble the file so it wouldnt be easy to know what the encoded data was but to compensate for the data increase, it would be logical to compress the data for transfer.
  5. try this simple script: #sync.sh sync; sync; sh sync.sh; execute from your shell and watch your system resources []# sh sync.sh hit ctrl-c before it starts eating swap memory or be sorry.
  6. I actually use that to purge my cache could you break down your code and explain how it is working? that is new
  7. the web interface should let you do that.......... but i have a WRT54G also i dumped the firmware it was running and downloaded DD-WRT and flashed it with their firmware instead of using linksys's firmware and i can do that especially if i want a new ip ha. the DD-WRT firmware should let you use a shell aswell you could manually change the mac with that aswell as DD-WRT web interface
  8. or dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda for a lowlevel format / self-destruct basically; sure is a good way to securely delete your HD hey you could even try dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/dsp same command using I/O redirection is cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp
  9. it probably searches html code for <form> tags with an id of login or password then submits random passwords for a username u specify and i believe that is with THC Hydra