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  1. The Internet has changed the way people communicate, yes, but it's still very important to be good in face-to-face interactions. I can see the Internet creating social rejects, but I can also see it creating more powerful communicators. It all depends on how you use it. It's a totally case-by-case thing, I think.
  2. Uh, what's the point of an "official tronconf"? I doubt he's going to want to jump back into conferences, guys. Come on.
  3. Interesting find! It seems as though different firmwares have different management softwares. One has this: ug@outlawserv:~$ telnet 122.167.85.** Trying 122.167.85.**... Connected to 122.167.85.**. Escape character is '^]'. BCM96338 ADSL Router Login: admin Password: Note: If you have problem with Backspace key, please make sure you configure your terminal emulator settings. For instance, from HyperTerminal you would need to use File->Properties->Setting->Back Space key sends. Main Menu 1. ADSL Link State 2. LAN 3. WAN 4. DNS Server 5. Route Setup 6. NAT 7. Firewall 8. Quality Of Service 9. Management 10. Passwords 11. Diag 12. Reset to Default 13. Save and Reboot 14. Exit -> While the other (more fun if you ask me! It's an actual shell. You can get into sh) version has: ug@outlawserv:~$ telnet 122.167.85.** Trying 122.167.85.**... Connected to 122.167.85.**. Escape character is '^]'. BCM96338 ADSL Router Login: admin Password: > There are other accounts on the routers too, besides "admin"... admin:7HZXTmnj/97TM:0:0:Administrator:/:/bin/sh support:e1BZJJQSKd3C.:0:0:Technical Support:/:/bin/sh user:pHtw2aK/GuydM:0:0:Normal User:/:/bin/sh nobody:QXZx61KdaYegc:0:0:nobody for ftp:/:/bin/sh edit: Oh, and look at the services this thing has... tcpmux 1/tcp # TCP port service multiplexer echo 7/tcp echo 7/udp discard 9/tcp sink null discard 9/udp sink null systat 11/tcp users daytime 13/tcp daytime 13/udp netstat 15/tcp qotd 17/tcp quote msp 18/tcp # message send protocol msp 18/udp # message send protocol chargen 19/tcp ttytst source chargen 19/udp ttytst source ftp-data 20/tcp ftp 21/tcp fsp 21/udp fspd ssh 22/tcp # SSH Remote Login Protocol ssh 22/udp # SSH Remote Login Protocol telnet 23/tcp smtp 25/tcp mail time 37/tcp timserver time 37/udp timserver rlp 39/udp resource # resource location nameserver 42/tcp name # IEN 116 whois 43/tcp nicname re-mail-ck 50/tcp # Remote Mail Checking Protocol re-mail-ck 50/udp # Remote Mail Checking Protocol domain 53/tcp nameserver # name-domain server domain 53/udp nameserver mtp 57/tcp # deprecated bootps 67/tcp # BOOTP server bootps 67/udp bootpc 68/tcp # BOOTP client bootpc 68/udp tftp 69/udp gopher 70/tcp # Internet Gopher gopher 70/udp rje 77/tcp netrjs finger 79/tcp www 80/tcp http # WorldWideWeb HTTP www 80/udp # HyperText Transfer Protocol link 87/tcp ttylink kerberos 88/tcp kerberos5 krb5 # Kerberos v5 kerberos 88/udp kerberos5 krb5 # Kerberos v5 supdup 95/tcp hostnames 101/tcp hostname # usually from sri-nic iso-tsap 102/tcp tsap # part of ISODE. csnet-ns 105/tcp cso-ns # also used by CSO name server csnet-ns 105/udp cso-ns sunrpc 111/tcp portmapper # RPC 4.0 portmapper TCP sunrpc 111/udp portmapper # RPC 4.0 portmapper UDP auth 113/tcp authentication tap ident sftp 115/tcp uucp-path 117/tcp nntp 119/tcp readnews untp # USENET News Transfer Protocol ntp 123/tcp ntp 123/udp # Network Time Protocol netbios-ns 137/tcp # NETBIOS Name Service netbios-ns 137/udp netbios-dgm 138/tcp # NETBIOS Datagram Service netbios-dgm 138/udp netbios-ssn 139/tcp # NETBIOS session service netbios-ssn 139/udp snmp 161/udp # Simple Net Mgmt Proto snmp-trap 162/udp snmptrap # Traps for SNMP bgp 179/tcp # Border Gateway Proto. bgp 179/udp smux 199/tcp # SNMP Unix Multiplexer smux 199/udp rpc2portmap 369/tcp rpc2portmap 369/udp # Coda portmapper codaauth2 370/tcp codaauth2 370/udp # Coda authentication server ulistserv 372/tcp # UNIX Listserv ulistserv 372/udp https 443/tcp # MCom https 443/udp # MCom exec 512/tcp biff 512/udp comsat login 513/tcp who 513/udp whod shell 514/tcp cmd # no passwords used syslog 514/udp printer 515/tcp spooler # line printer spooler talk 517/udp ntalk 518/udp route 520/udp router routed # RIP timed 525/udp timeserver tempo 526/tcp newdate courier 530/tcp rpc conference 531/tcp chat netnews 532/tcp readnews netwall 533/udp # -for emergency broadcasts uucp 540/tcp uucpd # uucp daemon afpovertcp 548/tcp # AFP over TCP afpovertcp 548/udp # AFP over TCP remotefs 556/tcp rfs_server rfs # Brunhoff remote filesystem klogin 543/tcp # Kerberized `rlogin' (v5) kshell 544/tcp krcmd # Kerberized `rsh' (v5) kerberos-adm 749/tcp # Kerberos `kadmin' (v5) webster 765/tcp # Network dictionary webster 765/udp ingreslock 1524/tcp ingreslock 1524/udp prospero-np 1525/tcp # Prospero non-privileged prospero-np 1525/udp datametrics 1645/tcp old-radius # datametrics / old radius entrydatametrics 1645/udp old-radius # datametrics / old radius entrysa-msg-port 1646/tcp old-radacct # sa-msg-port / old radacct entry sa-msg-port 1646/udp old-radacct # sa-msg-port / old radacct entry radius 1812/tcp # Radius radius 1812/udp # Radius radacct 1813/tcp # Radius Accounting radacct 1813/udp # Radius Accounting cvspserver 2401/tcp # CVS client/server operations cvspserver 2401/udp # CVS client/server operations venus 2430/tcp # codacon port venus 2430/udp # Venus callback/wbc interface venus-se 2431/tcp # tcp side effects venus-se 2431/udp # udp sftp side effect codasrv 2432/tcp # not used codasrv 2432/udp # server port codasrv-se 2433/tcp # tcp side effects codasrv-se 2433/udp # udp sftp side effect mysql 3306/tcp # MySQL mysql 3306/udp # MySQL rfe 5002/tcp # Radio Free Ethernet rfe 5002/udp # Actually uses UDP only cfengine 5308/tcp # CFengine cfengine 5308/udp # CFengine bbs 7000/tcp # BBS service kerberos4 750/udp kerberos-iv kdc # Kerberos (server) udp kerberos4 750/tcp kerberos-iv kdc # Kerberos (server) tcp kerberos_master 751/udp # Kerberos authentication kerberos_master 751/tcp # Kerberos authentication passwd_server 752/udp # Kerberos passwd server krb_prop 754/tcp # Kerberos slave propagation krbupdate 760/tcp kreg # Kerberos registration kpasswd 761/tcp kpwd # Kerberos "passwd" kpop 1109/tcp # Pop with Kerberos knetd 2053/tcp # Kerberos de-multiplexor zephyr-srv 2102/udp # Zephyr server zephyr-clt 2103/udp # Zephyr serv-hm connection zephyr-hm 2104/udp # Zephyr hostmanager eklogin 2105/tcp # Kerberos encrypted rlogin snews 563/tcp # NNTP over SSL ssl-ldap 636/tcp # LDAP over SSL rsync 873/tcp # rsync rsync 873/udp # rsync socks 1080/tcp # socks proxy server socks 1080/udp # socks proxy server icp 3130/tcp # Internet Cache Protocol (Squid) icp 3130/udp # Internet Cache Protocol (Squid) noclog 5354/tcp # noclogd with TCP (nocol) noclog 5354/udp # noclogd with UDP (nocol) hostmon 5355/tcp # hostmon uses TCP (nocol) hostmon 5355/udp # hostmon uses TCP (nocol) webcache 8080/tcp # WWW caching service webcache 8080/udp # WWW caching service tproxy 8081/tcp # Transparent Proxy tproxy 8081/udp # Transparent Proxy Pwnt, pwnt, pwnt
  4. I'd think if you want to find international conferences, scanning over boxed C5 or voIP is your best bet. Do you remember where these international conferences would take place?
  5. It's a club/Bar. LOL Club AT&T, where you pay us by the song or GTFO
  6. TWC and RR also have many other telephone-related exploits... Nice find.
  7. What do you guys think?
  8. Good business strategy, maximizes the chances your service will be found by potential buyers. That's a unique strategy for services. With actual, physical products you can't do that. Interesting.
  9. Fuck you haters, Scorpian Hack Clan ALL DAY EVERY DAY. SHC! Don't even pay attention to the mispelling in the URL... scorpia... Pownjoning all j0' m3GahurTz doesnt take knowin how to spell... We're gonna be the next MoD, the next LoD, the next leet h4x0r crew / criminal skiddie crew. Ph33r us. You don't even KNOW.
  10. I also got the AT&T recording on 212-393-3200 and 212-393-1526. This PBX is all over the place. While we're on the topic of AT&T PBX's (or Centrexes), I found another in New York City. This one has a much simpler and more elegant disconnected number recording, 212-387-4732, and there's a working number at 212-387-4009, so this PBX might serve all of the 4xxx block. I'm sure there's many more of these in New York City. Yes, there are. There are also old analog switches in the NYC metro area.
  11. Yeah, this has already been talked about by myself and others. Look back for a discussion on odd sounds when placing calls out to Alaska. I could sware that placing calls to almost any non-working number in Alaska with Skype routes over a C5 trunk. I've heard some insane sounds doing this, even dropped on random conversations. A few years ago there were certain #s (I forget which maybe I have a list somewhere? I'll look) you could call with Skype that would drop you on something similar to a partyline. Landline wouldn't get you anything but a CBCAD. Only catch was you couldn't choose who you'd drop with. You'd just drop on random people trying to place calls. INTERESTING THING WAS... A lot of the callers I spoke to were NOT using Skype! Weird! THIS MAKES ME THINK that maybe the voIP-PSTN gateway is in Alaska, which economically speaking would make sense I believe. The fact that non-Skype users were having the same thing happen leads me to believe that this is something that only happens INSIDE of Alaska's PSTN. Is this what you're talking about?
  12. Yeah I remember finding this # about a year ago. Its just a recording, nothing dynamic or interactive about it... I don't think you CAN get an attendant anymore.
  13. New York City has an interesting situation... A ton of dead payphones. Upon calling repair, sometimes a repairman will go out there and sometimes one won't. I'm getting the feeling Verizon stopped caring about their payphones, especially in the bad neighborhoods. About a year ago, I-BaLL and I were messing with a Verizon payphone when a man goes up to the payphone next us with and begins shoving a long metal wire down the coin slot. We got into a conversation with him and it turns out, somehow (I don't quite remember how he described the process) this was supposed to get coins out of the coinbox? Seemed very strange to me. Apparently theres a pay phone theft scene around here. Kinda neat . edit: Almost forgot... Theres a mystery neither I-BaLL or I can figure out around here. Many payphones in my area and other select areas of the city have their keypads blown out. Clean gone. All that's left are a few wires which are sometimes tied together. I've seen a few payphones where it seems as though the keypad removal process was unsuccessful; it's just full of dents and/or burn marks. I'm wondering why someone would be doing this? Maybe somebody hates Verizon? Disgrunted employee! I've also seen payphones with specifically tip and ring wires exposed and cut. Makes me think people beige off of them. Gotta love big cities.
  14. All four posts displayed in 'My Content' on your profile are insults directed at Meekrab. Why? And why are so many individuals creating parodies of his handle? What has he done? You attack him for being immature, and yet you flame him at every turn! You are a knowledgable individual, though.

  15. Yes. But don't get beat up, Meekrab. Your aweful jokes and lame sense of elite-wannabe might piss some folks off.