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  1. A few years ago I started putting together a graphic novel comic story born from many different sources including this forum... Thread regarding the first book. Thread regarding book 2 Ultimately the story is going to take a total of four books to complete. Book 3 is finished and in the process of going to the printer. Here's the cover if you're interested and/or curious That being said, I decided to embrace Creative Commons and make the first 2 volumes available in their entirety in a single PDF to read and distribute freely. http://edpiskor.com/wizzywig_volume1_and_2.zip I appreciate everybody who picked up the books in the past. You're interest has made finishing the rest of the story possible!
  2. Hey Guys I just got the first 51 pages of the next volume done and readable on my website: http://www.edpiskor.com/hacker2.html If you are interested in seeing the first book you can grab it here: http://www.edpiskor.com/wizzy.html If you are curious about hearing Stank Dawk and I talk about it you can check it out here: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps/hpr0018.mp3 I should have the rest of volume 2 done by fall, maybe end of the summer.
  3. Thanks for the nice review, Famicoman. Cory Doctorow had some nice stuff to say over at BoingBoing too: http://www.boingboing.net/2008/12/08/wizzy...ostalgia-h.html
  4. Phew! I was worried about what Jason Scott would think of the new one. He had this to say: http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/000759.html
  5. Give me a heads up when you get your copies. I'm very curious about your thoughts after you read too.
  6. Fedex came with the books today. Shipped them out to you this morn. So sorry for the delay.
  7. Hey Dudes. This is for everyone who ordered the book. I have a shipment of books due to arrive at my place on Wednesday. If its early enough that day I'll get your books out then. If its a bit later in the day I will definitely ship them Thursday. Thanks for you patience. I'm stoked to hear what you think of the new one.
  8. Might sound a little strange but Jason Scott. I'm sure he'll have tons to say. Jason's a real fair dude. He reviewed the first book: http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/000555.html
  9. Hi Tenorclefninja, this hacker comic is a pretty big project that is now half-finished. I have the first volume you can check out here: http://www.edpiskor.com/wizzy.html and the new one is finally available here: http://www.edpiskor.com/wizzy2.html each volume is pretty self contained but if you read them all you will get the full experience.
  10. Yeah, the book is finally available. These darn things take a long time to put together. Lots to research. I expect them at my door next week so that I can distribute them. I made sure to get your handle in this volume too, Famicoman. Thanks a lot for supporting the project. I started doing the book without even considering an audience and I'm so stoked that you dudes are showing up, in a big way. Who do you guys respect that I should get a copy to for a review?
  11. I'm a professional cartoonist and have become very interested in hacking/phreaking culture. I don't claim to be a hacker but I've been studying and exploring this really cool world. Anyhow I put this book together Wizzywig vol1: PHREAK I'm exclusively distributing it from my website and comic fans seem to dig it but I injected so many little references and factual things that are sooo over their heads and it frustrates me. I'm not sure if anybody here is into comics but I wanted to bring my book to your attention. I'd appreciate your support even if it just means spreading the word Here are some sample pages. The page below has Steve Jobs and Wozniak selling blue boxes while they were finished working as Alice in Wonderland characters at the local mall. and here the main character mods a red box There are more examples at the site too. I would love your support on this project. There's a lot more story to tell and I'd love to have an audience that would understand the information presented. Wizzywig vol1: PHREAK Thanks so much for your time!
  12. Hey guys! Somebody linked to Wizzywig on Digg.com If you got the book and are into it, I'd appreciate your digg over there! I really thank you guys for all the help in spreading the word on this little project of mine. "Digg" it over here!
  13. Here's another review of the Wizzywig book over at the daily crosshatch Check it out here.
  14. Hey Kizzle. I have to thank you for spreading the word,man. I'm getting a lot of slashdot traffic over at my site and Jason@Textfiles wrote an awesome review on the book. Check it out here: ASCII By Jason Scott I also took the advise of a lot of you guys on the forums here and I have the first half of the book online for you to read. Theres a link for it: HERE
  15. Thanks for the Stumpleupon thumbs up! And kizzle, thanks for spreading the word a bit too. Some really influential and iconic people in the hacker world have been picking the book up recently. It's pretty amazing since this is a completely grassroots effort relying completely on word of mouth. I can't believe some of the people who ordered the book. It's very exciting. Some popular podcast/vidcasts are going to be doing reviews of the book and I just got contacted by some people from a few major media venues to do interviews and/or they're gonna do a review. Unbelievable. I'm working hard on volume 2 as I write this and I just thought of something that might be cool, and a way that I can show some appreciation and throw some props to the guys who bought/buy the book. I really value your support so much and its making the next volumes possible! Here are the first few pages to volume 2 PURPLEJESUS, because you were the most vocal in telling me your feelings after reading the book you can get first dibs on who you want your handle to replace on these pages. Here's the offer: the first 10 people to buy or who bought the book can send me an email with the subject reading "Handle", include your handle and I will replace the names of the characters in these pages with your own screenname. You can make a request on which character you'd like your name to be attached but the spot may be taken and I'll have to put it in elsewhere at my discretion. When the 10 slots go for this I will try my best to put the other names elsewhere throughout the book. Your name may appear as a handle for a bbs user, graffiti on a wall, the name on a vanity license plate, etc. If the orders are staggering I'm going to do the above for as many as possible plus put together a section in the book highlighting and thanking you guys for picking the novel up. I don't know how meaningful this is to anyone but its my way of thanking the guys who already bought the graphic novel, and maybe it will be incentive enough for you to scoop one up if you didn't grab one yet! I want my audience to be smart, unconventional, tech savvy, people with a hacker mentality and what better way for me to thank you than to drop your name personally in the next one?! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW! My email address is at the site. Write "Handle" as the subject of the email and I will get busy making these changes and I will compile notes on who to include in my tale.
  16. Phew. Thats a relief. Thanks for the seal of approval, Purple_Jesus! It's a load off of my shoulders. I hope everybody else who grabbed the book digs it too. There's a few left for those interested! Wizzywig vol.1: PHREAK
  17. Hey Purple-Jesus Thanks for letting me/us know you got the book. I'm always nervous when shipping stuff. Now I'm nervous about whether you'll like it or not. Thanks again to everyone who went by my site to scoop up a copy.
  18. Thanks for the props, Maxx. I did print and publish the book and I'm handling all the orders and stuff myself. Comic fans seem to dig it but I know for a fact that most of it is way over their heads and that's why i'm interested in bringing it straight to everyones attention here myself. Looking over this forum it became real apparent that you guys would know what I was talking about. Once again, thanks for your support and for everyone who grabbed a copy over at my site. I really hope you guys dig the book.
  19. Angolina Jolie or Carrie Ann Moss. Take your pick!! Hard to choose... I'll go with Carrie... Something about her I just like more... But it looks pretty cool, the comic. I'd just ordered a copy... Never looked through a graphic novel before, unless you count the Garfield book at the dentist, yet somehow I think, that's not in this league. I know nothing of comic books.. but I'm giving it a shot... As to suggestions: Wonder if 2600 would be interested in it? or Make magazine.. Hey Purplejesus...thanks for grabbing a copy. Is the address on your paypal accurate? Please email me and let me know. Winston Smith is the main character in 1984 btw.
  20. Yeah man. I'm sending Emmanuel Goldstein a copy for sure because there is a signifigant character that is based on him. The characters name is "winston smith" for those who get it.
  21. Do you think you guys can give me some idea where I can publicize this a bit? The main character is a composite of many famous hackers including Kevin Poulsen and I just sent him a copy at Wired Magazine. Anywhere else that you can think of off the top? Thanks to everybody who grabbed copies too. I will ship them tomorrow (monday) no matter how crappy it is here in pittsburgh.