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  1. Too much frenglish would kill this forum anyway... ;)

  2. Congrats! Only took 2 years :P

  3. Woohoo! I broke ten posts !

  4. is giving a hug to StankDawg.

  5. The Bamboo tablet (WACOM) is great for a beginner (I use it on XP). bamboo tablet Combined with this site, you could probably get it to work on Linux. Edit : Some people seem to have troubles using the bamboo tablet with Inkscape (you can see it if you google "bamboo inkscape") but for other people it seems to work fine :
  6. You should go HERE and watch all the videos (41 !). The main topic is "game programming in Python" but the first videos focus on mastering the basics. It's a gentle introduction to this language, probably funnier than reading a book.