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  1. No, it doesn't have to be a technology oriented show. With us you also get a website for your show, and a cut of the advertising revenue.
  2. This March myself and a number of associates will be launching a technology oriented internet radio station. While we have a number of shows and content providers lined up many "prime time", and latenight/daytime timeslots are available. If you think you have what it takes to produce a show for us on a regular basis copy and paste this questionnaire (and fill it out) into an email and email me at Show hosts will receive a percentage of advertising revenue. 1) Describe your show in 100 words or less 2)How often do you plan to have the show air, daily or weekly? 3)What type of show will this be? 4)How will you promote this show?
  3. Got a stingray barb through the heart.
  5. Whats similar between this: and this? Well, as of now both are dead as fuck. I got bored writing/producing e-zines and the like so I am going to close down WCP and turn it into something new. Stay tuned for details.
  6. From the folks who want to halt the advancement of science, and kill gays.
  7. I updated the date to give you all more time.
  8. The Next issue of WCP, The 2 year special, will be released on September 17th. Articles can be sent to'
  9. Does a textbook exist that covers most of the material in only one book? I just need one book for now untill I can go to the library.
  10. For those of you in first year CS in uni/college: What Computer Science textbook do you use?
  11. thoughts/flames?
  12. I'm finally getting around to making a print issue. If you send in two articles, you get a free copy of it.
  13. If 2600 doesn't publish it you could send it to west coast phreakers.
  14. The Next issue of West Coast Phreakers Magaizne will be published on July 9,2006. Thus, we need some articles to be sent in! Got an article you wanna see in this zine, well send it to
  15. You mean bitch-ass Kevin Rose? Yeah, his arrival on Techtv sparked the downfall of the network. Oh, and Martin Sargent is hosting the Ebaumsworld Tv show on USA network.