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  1. rule #1 of combining drugs and things which attract attention. Never have more around than you cant drop/eat in a emergency situation. Even if you are so fubar they have to take you to hospital while you loose that rabbit in the headlights look Can they still prosecute you for drugs when theyre inside you???
  2. Edit, actually read what I was replying to and realized Id taken it wrong and wrote a load of shite
  3. To go out on a limb here with a wild guess, I think he's trying to write a actual hacking tutorial for another target audience and is bouncing it off us all to correct the fallacies and stuff from stuff he's collected round the net as he think's perhaps some posters might know the subject better than the sources he's snarfed it from. If that was the case, possibly more mileage could be obtained by telling people that and being up front instead of trying to tell us how it is and then waiting for corrections, as there are probably people reading it now who have spotted some things they don't like about it who might have helped but who are currently thinking whats the point and suffering a severe case of can't be bothered...
  4. Id like to give you some sensible moral advice, but Im afraid Id go for getting her in the sack a few times and if she stays round she's a keeper
  5. Actually I have But nothing very fancy. I found one quite cheap(ish) HUD, for displaying your speed and revĀ“s. Problem is, it shows mph not km/h. Have you got a link for the "cheapish" hud? I wonder if its extensible somehow to show other info...
  6. Merci!! say I found an MS-SQL database, when you say install the client, do you mean that I have to install MS-SQL? or like osql.exe? O.O? or can I just netcat and login and execute sql queries o.o Ugh, mssql has its own implementation of a protocol as you'd expect from MS which it apparently shares with sybase. It uses something called TDS, or the tabulated datastream protocol. Options are to install the mssql client which comes on the cd with sql server "Microsoft SQL Server - Client Network Utility" (which could be osql.exe as youve been pointed at already - not certain), using php or perl and some of the mssql bound programs to make a odbc connection somehow using DBD::ODBC or similar, or implement freetds somehow. I dont think you can go right in with telnet'ing the port and typing things direct because of the protocol in use although you can verify you can connect to the db port using telnet, as pretty much any other tcp port it won't drop the connection straight away unless somethings blocking the connection (firewall, filter, daemon not listening etc). For the free tds stuff try I found this on a quick search too Its not my area of expertise since I haven't have much to do with ms products, but I do know that the default login is SA, and out the box the default password is blank... I will add that Im with tekio that you should do some more research. Just firing off a sql client to a sql server that you dont have permission to "audit" from a traceable ip and leaving footprints all over the logs etc is a very good way to get in the crap... Sybase is tds too eh... hmm... now where did I see that sybase server...
  7. I always thought it was a usenet thing before 4chan got hold of it. And they were merely subconciously influenced by the history of it in a von dutch fashion... Im nothing to do with the mentioned fluffy, although I did at one point use meow in my pseudonym, although I knew nothing about a usenet flame war at the time, merely using it on efnet mostly to lead to cheap pussy jokes Coded, who are you aiming this tut at? maybe some of the people might just be a bit jaded and stuff to need it. Would it work better in the newbie section maybe?
  8. You realize this statement is contradictory? A 22 year old who has only been in the military for <= 4 years does not have the perspective to determine what information should be public and what shouldn't be -- not on the scale he was talking of outputting --- particularly not for things that are entire U.S. security and foreign policy operations. He's hired to sift through data and find out valuable nuggets to be passed to higher-ups. He didn't make decisions beyond that. The argument that growing up on Google somehow improves his wisdom in terms of making decisions on classified information is a bit erroneous. I wasn't intending the google comment to be taken in that context. Simply that as the analyist had grown up with google and he did sift through data to find valuable nuggets on a daily basis, the first thing I would have expected him to do when considering the leak was to do some of that sifting on whomever he chose to leak his stuff to see if it was a "safe" bet. Regardless of its final payload. He's about to go out on a serious limb here, and he obviously has a analytical mind that will evaluate the steps. Taken that way it isnt contradictory. Nor a value judgement on any of his actions.
  9. From that article :- The whole concept is everything that appears on wikileaks "pointlesssly endangers" things in some way depending on your perspective. Or it wouldn't need leaking to a leak site would it?
  10. MIT Huh ?.....You took computer science ? "M.I.T. engineers in the 1950s and 1960s first popularized the term and concept of hacking. Starting at the model train club and later in the mainframe computer rooms, the so-called "hacks" perpetrated by these hackers were intended to be harmless technical experiments and fun learning activities. " But hey, its your tutorial. Ill just sit here with some popcorn. Cant wait for the origins of carding, phreaking and the demoscene links sections
  11. Lets assume in the case in question that it was whistle blown for greater altruistic reasons that Adrian Lamo thought the leak was putting US soldiers at risk with the depth and breadth of his info rather than just being a PR disaster for the Gov, in that situation Id fully support him protecting the US armed forces members lives and flagging it up, but quietly and anonymously. That way no media circus as nothing really solid to feed them, no personal gain for the whistleblower, no awkward questions about motives, just a leaker took to one side and silenced. And no dog and pony PR show of the leaker being publically hung out to dry. Safety preserved, politics ignored. Im willing to accept the situation as possible that it all just got out of control and take your word for it he's a good type, but by discussing it maybe if any of us end up in a analogous situation we might think clearly about the way forward rather than taking some decisions on the hoof under pressure which later turn out to be poor ones. Look at it as a full frank discussion rather than demonization. There but for the grace of god go us all...
  12. Took the kings shilling alrighty. You dont know whats gone on behind the scenes though regarding his conviction and terms of release or what deals been cut etc, quite a few phreakers and crackers broke down when they get took to the police station and all their equipment seized, and when we were teens in the bedroom we had to face the wrath of parents for bringing this all into the house. I still have the name jolyon ralph aka ComradJ from the amiga scene burned into my do-not-like list, and I know its a very shared entry... Guys even got a page on wikipedia Im not even convinced the guy fingered for the leak has done it, if I was going to put myself in his shoes, Id reach for google and find the wiki page on the guy. The whole page screams not to trust him, and that he'd turn you in for the publicity and fame of it. And remember we're not talking someones gran here, we're talking a 22yo intelligence analyst who spends his life looking at things and facts and making judgement calls on it and has grown up with google and the net... If this really is all thats against him it could just be a frame up to get rid of someone publically and show the world they can catch leakers to deter others... Trust nobody, works in every arena of life, especially when dealing with the law and officialdom... Another suspicious aspect. Lamo was a early donor to wikileaks themselves. Why on earth would he fubar them up later on when they started to gain respectability if he supported their ideals to start with? Theres a lot more going on under the surface here than a simple "bad turned good dude helps out national security" for sure... Trust nobody. Especially not lamo, the ny times, nor the gov...
  13. You look just like a bp logo on facebook too