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  1. question. this isnt exactly for me, i cant even pass for my age. but, how can you print on a card to make a fake id without spendind alot of money on a special printer.
  2. In all *nix file systems, none ever get fragmented enough to have a program to "reorganize". But there is in fact one, dont know where it is but t exists, although it warns you befor you download it, because it could mess up your box. BTW, *nix systems, i beleive take a little extra time to but back what it used. i hope this helps.
  3. i am in the same position , but not for school i think im gonna get an ibm
  4. mwhahahahaha the legendary decision dont think twice of all windows OS's i wouldnt think twice w2k is the way to go
  5. nice more like anyone with one finger can hack it, or a slave LOL
  6. assumptions of the public are as ill knowlaged as the admin at my school LOL
  7. Thanks that helped and as for the thing about if 2600 is legal and can be delivered to your collage, YES!!! totally legal :voteyes:
  8. what are godd hacker magazines not 2600 thanx