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  1. I am looking for a way to Filter n' Replace incoming HTTP responses. I can variate Operating Systems so any tools or help is appreciated. To be more precise, say a page is providing me with information from a requests and I wanting to edit the response that is returning from the request to the page before it reaches the browser. I currently have the tool fiddler2 (Windows) which I recently found and find it very handy, unfortunately I do not see this feature. Perhaps something such as what one would see from Ethercap filters on web requests is what I am looking for however on my own machine not through a MITM attack. Anyone aware of such tools available that would not require me attempting a MITM on my own machine? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am attempting to use VLC to 'connect' to a multicast pushing IPTV onto a network. It appears or rather believed that each ending IP Number is an alternate channel (aka X.X.X.2 , X.X.X.3 ). Upon using VLC for say X.X.X.2 I see a small variation of the channel in the upper-left corner however it is distorted as it goes down, you can tell it is the correct channel however in the upper-left corner. A few more tries I was able to successfully see a few clear picture from X.X.X.20, X.X.X.X 40 and a few others, the rest remain the same as the X.X.X.2 where I see that it is correct but is distorted. This is meant to be viewed by a device on the same SUBNET I am in, AMNINET130 STB. There's a few things I have questions concerning however my top concern is wondering why only a few of these 'channels' are viewable, is this some sort of encryption? If it was encryption as it is DATA-BASED you think I would not be able to see ANY of the picture. I don't know if anyone has any experience in this and would be able to enlighten me at all. If needed I can try to find/provide more information. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, we use Symantec Ghost here at the work place and have someone designed to update the build every once in a while, works great in those type of scenario's not so sure about personal use though. Reinstall or some sort of image restore/'read-only drive' is the only way I am aware to be at least 95% sure it's gone. I think what's worse than malware is the people who download 25 different anti-malware applications (5 which come with malware themselves) and say they're awesome when they're slowing their computer down more than any malware would do pointlessly, including getting more malware for they have a false sense of security. EDIT: Removed accidental quote.
  4. Perhaps you got Rick Rolled or something like this was pre-built into it? I found a lot of videos such as this but can't find any information on ones designed to do it when they 'die'... RMI: Company, Model, etc... of HDD?
  5. Ah, I didn't even think about a file type based searched, I really appreciate your reply. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to find a source where I can obtain Dictionary File/Lists. Aka- Large files each line being a new word and the word being of a followed suite. Such as a plain-text file named, ' Names ' or ' Last Names ' where it contains a very large list of these names. I have done several searches and most locations appear to be from before 2003 and the lists are no longer available for download/view, the ones that were are not exactly what I was looking for. I assume there's a website with a very large list of dictionary files, perhaps there's a better name used to do a search with rather than ' Dictionary Files ' or ' Dictionary Lists ' as I will tend to get results of not what I am looking for.
  7. My room mate is an asshole

  8. There's a lot of nifty applications out there for attempting to detect where Wireless Locations currently reside via signal/power strength. They are also typically used to determine how to optimally adjust your Wireless Access Points in a Buisness Enviroment. One in paticular I found recently, which I believe is rather new also is 'Heat Mapper' created by Ekahau, the great thing is it's free, the bad thing is the more proffesional edition is designed only for very large cooperations in mind. I went and screenshotted google maps of my general area, and went outside in a big square and marked it as I walked. A few people gave me suspicious looks, however it did a fairly accurate job when I took my time with it. I thought it was very neat, the one thing I believe it was lacking was more options, preferences, and GPS support. A quick look and it was provided with the next version, what's the price I thought to myself as it was most likely really high, there was no label only a suggestion to e-mail them to get a price quote. So... I e-mailed them... 'Buisness' was a required field so Input something refering to personal use. Canned Response: I expected to see results of several hundred, not several thousand, so I was pretty surprised. I just thought I would share this information, as well ask if anyone know of any similiar software that would be scaled down for more individual use that supports similiar GPS functionality?
  9. What? Why would you trust that site in the first place, especially so much money? Also why didn't you use a service such as Paypal or talk to your bank about it. Posting in every forum topic also doesn't help your case even though your post itself looks like it would come from a scammer...
  10. Do you have an external monitor? Does it instantly turn white or does it gradually change?
  11. I think the wheel group is existent on most distributions (some not) however only certain ones grant it access to SUDO (aka configured), I want to say for security reasons but I am not sure. I know all BSDs I have used make use of the wheel group.
  12. Yes. Yes. Unless you're hosting a machine where you have reasons to believe you're going to be an initial target, and unless you set it properly, it's not going to offer much more protection and as listed by others may cause more problems. If you set it up properly, it is not crap. This will usually occur if your Security Center starts before your Anti-virus does or there's something else blocking the communication between the applications, perhaps an updated client isn't properly supported by Security Center detection.
  13. ChaCha is fail, they tried to integrate it into our University however the providers could never get it to function properly so they dropped the project. That's when they just added the whole texting service while they used to be just a search engine/chat service.
  14. Vista's been known to have quite a bit of wireless issues, from what you're noticing it as described above, mainly issues of varying drivers. You may wish to go in the Device Manager in those cases and see if you have the flexibility to modify specific channel your card is waiting on to try and connect to the Specific AP or adjust other settings to try and make it cooperate better. I believe the top two Vista Wireless issues consist of the DHCP flag and Vista wanting a DHCP response in a matter of seconds. The vista flag can be adjusted with a quick registry entry.
  15. Ouh's Noe's! He usin's them tricksies mind contrwol's to gets them infu's outta us! He must be one of them F, B and I's Well all the links I was going to suggest were already linked, and I need to provide some sort of real information to this thread or I'll be deleted and laughed at... might have some defcon videos with some interesting general subjects on security although I think most are on specific subjects.