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  1. its a private school. And my netadmin knows that I am a hacker and he often challenges me. For example: "Hey Tom, Lets see you get through the new firewall I just set up" Our school is so small no one even gives a crap. Im not doing this on a public school level where 2 thousand kids attend. And for whoever it was that said that I just skipped my way in and Im the type of person that makes real hackers throw up. Obviously you dont understand what I meant in my op. I have admin access to each lab computer as a standalone, not on the network. Yes I've tried accessing the network from the standalone, but my netadmin has all kinds of crap blocking access to set up a connection. And as for the password I found on the post-it, my netadmin found out that someone had left the note out, and changed the password immediately. My school has also set up a very powerful SonicWALL and they set it up right. Yet I still managed to achieve unrestricted access to the internet. I am no newbie, and I consider it an insult for somebody to call me one.
  2. Yeah I know I'm new here but I hate it when people on forums like this pretend like they just use their knowledge for "ethical" reasons. Thats a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Anyways, I already got in, it was pretty much a sinch, and if you guys think I'm some inexperienced newbie, I believe your wrong. I had a simple question, and all I wanted was a simple answer, instead I got all this bullshit saying how it was the schools network and what not.
  3. Hello, Im new here and I have a simple question. And based on what I've read on this forum I'm sure you guys could help me out. I go to a small school with only about 50 kids and our schools network administrator (who is also the math and computer teacher) thinks hes the crap. For example: Today I was in computer class and since I have already finished the course weeks ahead of schedule, I was working on a website from the school computer. So my netadmin starts screwing around with my mouse and crap with some classroom spy program and then exits out of all my apps and shuts the computer down like the deusche he is. Heres where I stand on the network. Last year, some stupid moron from yearbook left the administrator login password on a post-it note. I try it out and it works. At that time I had no intention on doing anything and wasnt even into hacking. So this year comes around and I want to play a couple "pranks" on my "invincible" netadmin. Just something like changing his wallpaper around to whatever. Theres like 25 computers in the lab, and I have admin privileges on all of them locally. Turns out the admin password for the network that got changed still works if logging onto the local machine. So if someone could assist me in gaining access to network with admin privileges so I can change his wallpaper, it would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I did try running a brute-force on an account on the network with admin privileges which is no longer in use, however due to the slowness of our schools computers, it said it would take 45 days to complete, so that was of no avail.