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  1. I stand corrected, thanks. K.H.O.
  2. not really, WHY you say that? K.H.O.
  3. if you dident click "secure connection" before like www.hotmai.com has as an option, you can crack the hash (rainbow tables will be your friend here) otherwise youl have to spoof some type of packet And CRACK the hash not much is known about this, and if there was, it wouldent be talked about here
  4. It gives me an internal error when I dial that number. and no i dont think its a hack, i dident know you could even get a hack
  5. hacking is exploiting vulnerabilites on computers remotely' cracking is exploiting the code that the program was written in why are you guys saying a cracker is a bad evil hacker
  7. AWESOME hey is your zine gonna be as good as your show?
  8. Since computer hacking is about "exploiting" "vulnerable holes" in computers, I thought I would bring up a topic about Exploits and vulnerabilities So, I guess talk and post about them, I wanted to talk about Metasploit. If you don't know what the Metasploit Project is go to http://www.metasploit.com/ I think Metasploit is a great framework, it has a big growing collection of pre written exploits and payloads, and a great way of allowing you to write and configure your own exploits or payloads within the framework. Plus It's for linux and Windows, I don't know about Mac. One last thing about it, just because a n00b can use it doesen't mean it can't be very powerful. K.H.O.
  9. and whos been under one? K.H.O.
  10. no, you were "pwned"
  11. um, is this hacking?
  12. IMHO this should go in the ham radio place so when i come to read about haxoring i dont get some dude posting a picture of a 10,000$ ham radio. so like yea... anyways.... .... ....... ....... .......... !!!!!!!!!!! Moderator Edit: Removed Repeated "omfg" shit
  13. make sure you have your codecs all updated. thats all I can think of... or try Divx K.H.O.
  14. WTF, U HACKERS!!!!!!!!! HARDLY ANYONE posted about how they work, or added, except for i gave a simple example. WTF
  15. ROFL
  17. guys guys, you cant just use scanf() ?
  18. Opps, sorry lol. K.H.O. p.s. matt why dont you SE yourself another key or google one?
  19. I dident mean "type of lanquage" as OOP, i MENT how the lanquage did stuff.
  20. lol, you said two different things there Oh, sftp runs thru SSH? i dident know SSH had multiple ports for seperate deamons that are within SSH. i thought they were different protocols, my bad
  21. Im sorry, where did i say they werent? thats not what i said, i said "and if it was "secure connection" you would also have to somehow spoof a certain packet that goes along with the log in set up thingy." and I dident say it was easy, and chances out it wasent set to a "secure connnection" so he might not have to do any of that K.H.O. P.S. No need to be an asshole, especially when you dont know what your talking about
  22. yea dont do things like strcopy, even tho thats more of a format string thing, keep your memory tidy. You know, Java, Though is invulnerable to buffer overflows because the type of lanquage it is, C/C++ is not. K.H.O.
  23. is your name Vox, like a "vox" wah-wah pedal? u know jimi used a vox wah..
  24. a hammer and a new hard drive... JK, dude its really easy to grab the SAM file from a windows box using a linux live CD, then crack the hash with L0phtCrack. O yea, and hope the password was simple..
  25. PSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh rofl, krphop from IRC runs slackware on a 33-mhz processor and says it runs fine, except for some slow compiling OFCOURSE you can you it for something... K.H.O.