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  1. Hello again everyone. Some of you may have seen my post about programming a few days ago. Well I took Aghaster's advice to switch to Linux primarily. I have already done so much to my operating system. I don't feel like doing a re-install. I messed a command up and instead of copying something into my bin folder, I copied my bin folder out. Is there any way I can get it back without a re-install? I tried sudo copying it back but sudo was missing obviously. Well I accidentally closed bash and then it wouldn't open back up. So I went to tty and tried to cd into the bin folder to move it but now it's complaining it needs python. I don't really see why. But anyway, can anyone help me? Can I boot onto the CD and copy the folder over from there? EDIT: I really need to start thinking before I post nonsensical things. I remembered that I didn't have the live CD. So I again thought I was screwed. Well I just used the 'Repair Broken System' bash. This post can be deleted unless anyone thinks it may come in handy for someone on google someday. I tried googling it before I came here and found nothing useful.
  2. I didn't have the livecd. I just used the repair console on the alternate installer disk. It worked just fine. But like I said, I tried using the full path to sudo and move and for some reason it complained about python not being in it's proper place. Which struck me as odd. But anyway, it's fixed now. And I got the WoW server running for my bro. xD
  3. Microsoft has something like Deepfreeze called SteadyState which I think is free (but don't quote me on that). I looked into SteadyState. Interesting. I plan on trying it soon. Not that I have much need for it, but still. Thanks.
  4. One word... Deepfreeze.
  5. I'm about the same as Ohm. And that's on a 12mbps cable line from Comcast. I've been up to 1.2 max though, sadly. 1.5 on a linux distro. But that's a different story.
  6. I am usually not a big fan of Windows. Or Microsoft at all for that matter. But I have been using the Windows 7 beta as my main operating system and I am very pleased. I usually hate getting drivers for my computer. But as soon as I installed it and turned it on, it had all the drivers downloaded and was installing them. It was awesome. XD Also, Microsoft is going to revolutionize gaming when Natal is released. I just hate to see what the price is going to be on that thing.
  7. I get a feeling that she's faking this excited attitude just to bring attention. She doesn't look like she knows what to say. That's exactly what I thought when I saw her videos.
  8. I am not very knowledgeable about this subject but I found this thing with the model number BC-55 and it is made by Audiovox. I have googled it and can't find out what it is. I can post some pics if that would help. Or if anyone knows or can help find out what it is I would appreciate it.
  9. That sounds fun. I might do that. I've been wanting a cellphone jammer.
  10. I 4th that.
  11. There's always the manual method in which you click a shortcut in the folder (go.exe usually) that starts everything else. That is what I use because then you don't have to worry about autoplay being disabled.
  12. I would consider it as well, but the obvious still remains, Google everything and anything for all your needs. Google is powerful, yes. But it cannot teach you everything. Sometimes it is good to have someone with common interests to do things with you and help out. Plus, some people just learn better that way. Not everyone can benefit from reading things online. That is why they just don't hand you books at school and tell you to read.
  13. If your email is Hotmail or MSN, then when you logged in it simply used that information as your Windows Live ID: Note, too, that Microsoft normally makes time-limited beta versions of their new OS releases available. They're handy for sysadmins to start getting their hands dirty, and also for people who want to see if it will run on their hardware. Despite what you may read, however, I have never heard of one single credible hack for getting around Microsoft's time limitation in a useful manner. They have it dug in deep to the trial version, so don't think you're going to find a way to get something for nothing. I used a Yahoo account for this. I still don't know why it worked but it did.
  14. ummm What do you mean by saying master bait ? What is that ? More lol. I too was wondering this. I would definitely be interested.
  15. I just found out something neat. I don't know if it was a fluke or if it will work every time... I signed up for the beta. I got all the way to the email confirmation page. (using Firefox btw) I used the same tab and logged into my email account. I didn't see the confirmation email so I used the back button drop-down box to go back to the email confirmation page. It loaded the page and then instantly redirected me to the download page. No confirmation needed. Does anyone know why it did this and can someone see if it will work every time.
  16. Just a few minutes ago I restarted my computer and upon rebooting it came to this screen... I have never seen this screen before. Do any of you know what it means? In case it is important, I am running Windows XP SP3 on this box.
  17. Just put it in a text file and name it *whatever*.bat Then you click it. That simple.
  18. I'll take some pics later. I figured it had something to do with a communication device of some kind. The only thing that is strange is that it is under the front seat of an old Volvo I just bought. I can't find out where the wire is running but it is going somewhere.
  19. Can you explain it to me? Umm... It's Majestic. From BinRev. It was supposed to be a joke but everyone apparently took it seriously.
  20. How important would you guys say college is in the internet security field?
  21. Yeah. I discovered this a while back. It got a lot of good feed back. I asked nearly the same thing as you. haha Pretty interesting stuff. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=39039
  22. I can't tell if that is serious or not. haha That is kinda stupid considering one of the main things people do on a computer is type and that slows down the typing A LOT.
  23. I came here to post that same thing but you beat me to it.
  24. Are you talking about a program that will be like iTunes, but for Linux? If so then give Banshee a try. I actually like it better than iTunes. http://banshee-project.org/
  25. I want Linux though. Preferably Ubuntu. It never boots. It just keeps doing that.