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  1. Unless you're running your own personal search engine, don't you kind of have to hand it over to a third party? It's just a matter of which third party to hand it over to.
  2. Arch is also basically build your own, although not quite as hard as Gentoo since you don't have to compile everything yourself. It's my current distro of choice. In the past I've also done a Debian minimal install and then installed whatever packages I want on top of that. Same concept.
  3. The Enlightenment Window Manager is pretty good-looking too
  4. When I was in 3rd grade I built a little alarm system for my bedroom. I stuck a folded piece of cardboard with tin foil on each side under a rug by my bed room door, and connected the two pieces of tin foil to a battery and a radio shack buzzer with wires. When somebody would step on the rug, the pieces of tin foil would come in contact, triggering the buzzer. I had to know when my older sister was about to bust into my room!
  5. I can only read Linux Journal. All the other linux publications are way too expensive, and seem to be geared more towards beginner users. I want to see code snippets when I open my linux magazine!
  6. I use Ncmpcpp + Mpd and I love it. For those not familiar Mpd stands for Music Player Daemon, and Ncmpcpp is a command-line (ncurses-based) frontend that connects to it. It uses barely any system resources, plus since it runs as a daemon you can restart X and the music keeps playing. Who doesn't want that?
  7. This is the reason I won't be getting one:
  8. Azureus works well for me as a Bittorrent client on Fedora Core 2.