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  1. is in South Africa.

  2. Plotting GPS data for...

  3. ...and it missed you.

  4. it's weird what catches on. The blogs didn't seem to, but these status updates sure did.

  5. Very cool talk at Notacon. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Yeah the gun is legal (as long as it is semi-auto, and the clip is limited to a max of 5 bullets.) However, there are further restrictions on what you can shoot game with.

  7. Here's to more of those good days!

  8. Fear love?

  9. Shitty situation, but don't give up. You're smart enough to know that there's a light at the end of this tunnel. It's a painful process, but give it time.

  10. Congrats! Only took 2 years :P

  11. Seal

    I figured :P I really need to go to the Netherlands one day. What part are you from?

  12. Seal

    Boris, have you set the trap? Rocky will come by any minute! Boris!

  13. 1st post! :P Seriously - hi.

  14. printf("salut.");

  15. Nice posts. Hope to see more of you on the forums :)

  16. I miss you. :'(

  17. Seal

    Go to a chip wagon. They'll make the best. You're looking for a joint that cuts fresh fries out of potatoes every day. As for the cheese curds that go on top, my favourite cheese maker is St-Albert. It's from a town not too far from here, so I don't know if they serve Montreal as well.

  18. Seal

    You buy poutines from McDs? Dude, I'm so sorry. A McD Poutine is to poutine what a Big Mac is to a real hamburger.

  19. Seal

    Ohm nom nom nom.

  20. Fuck yeah. I'll even throw in a dead baby joke (including real dead baby!) for every 5 that are sent down south. Dead babies may be Mexican (subject to availability bullshit.)

  21. Seal

    I have no plans for a sequel. Thanks though :) I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I don't think I could muster up the energy to go through writing another one.

  22. Is now a good time to say that I shat all over the floor?