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  1. i got one a while ago, and im really happy with it. i had bought it planning to do like every hack out there (especially the touchscreen hack) but havent had the time nor money to go down that road yet. Anyways, its so small, i take it with me pretty much EVERYWHERE. Speed hasnt been a huge problem for me, neither has storage, especially with flash drives, and if u ditch xandros OS, you can free up a ton of space. its been absolutely perfect for me to take to class and use it for note taking (and watching youtube videos...). One thing i would recommend tho, is to buy a 2gig stick of RAM for it. It cost me like an extra 50 bucks tops, 35 if i had actually used the rebate.
  2. arite so maybe you cant find all the cool effects that are in vista in ANY linux distro, but if you look around, theres some really nice looking window managers and programs out there. I personally jus use fluxbox cause i dont really like that stuff, so i dont know all that much about it, ive just seen some nice ones
  3. First of all, you dont want to put windows vista on your laptop. In comparison to windows xp, it is sluggish and a total resource hog. All of the cool effects it has can easily be found in almost any linux distro. As to your questions about whether installing a new OS would get rid of your virus, it will as long as you repartition/reformat your drive. When you boot your laptop with the vista disc in the drive, you have to set your bios to boot from a disc
  4. thanks guys. i put gentoo on my 10 yr old pentium3 laptop a couple months ago, and i learned a lot but i didnt really like it that much. No doubt tho it ran a lot faster than a normal distro, esp with fluxbox which i like a lot. With a 900mghz processor, would compiling everything for LFS take a ridiculously long time?
  5. hey guys, i jus gotta asus eee pc, and im not really feeling xandros os, its a bit sluggish. Im decent with linux but id like to learn a lot more and i hear that a good way to make that jump is by doing one of the "Linux from Scratch" installs. I was wondering if the performance increase from LFS would be worth the time spent?
  6. if your md5 sum is coming up different before u burn it..then the problem isnt gonna be with your burner,or with whether you are burning it as an .iso. If you could give a little more information, it would b a lot easier to help.
  7. that almost sounds like you have file corruption going on? have u tried downloading any other large files, or had any other strange behavior like this?
  8. wow lots of good info, thanks guys. Im really curious about this stuff because i jus bought an asus eee pc, which im planning on modding the hell out of. It should b here in a few days. my plan is to mod it with the blue tooth dongle, and then i was thinking with a tether, id have internet access with a ridiculous amount of portability. I thought about the 5GB cap for verizon, and the more i think about it, the more i start to think that i probably wont b doing lots of downloading since my little laptop has only 4GB of memory(which i plan to increase). So with jus normal internet usage will the 5GB cap really b as big of a deal as it seems? Do i have to have a smart phone to get an unlimited data plan with EDGE or GPRS? I'd love to be able to jus stick with my little LG that i jus got. Im still doin lotsa looking around on the web learning about this stuff, so thanks for the help guys i really appreciate it.
  9. so u got the speakers working in the same jack that the headphones wont work?
  10. haha arite, thanks man. Any suggestions on what carrier is the best? Ive always heard verizon has the best signal, and at&t had the worst. Which one would i want to go with if i were going to use tethering?
  11. so im kinda stuck huh? i literally jus got into another 2 year contract with verizon like less than a week ago haha...
  12. thanks for the quick replies guys. Purple Jesus, that amsat article was very interesting. I was wondering, since its about 10 years old, whether the technology has changed much? i noticed in the pictures that the equipment was kinda big and its portable to an extent, but not exactly what i was hoping for(however its still pretty sick). Is there anyway to actually use your cellphone to uplink to say that satellite specifically? As far as the unlimited data plans, i was wondering if those are really worth it. Ive heard that verizon (which is the carrier i have) isnt actually unlimited, and that after 5GB they start charging extra. If thats still in effect, it definitely doesnt really seem worth it. The whole tethering thing seems like an awesome way to get wireless no matter where you are, but im afraid of the speeds being too slow, and the data limiting. Does anybdy here use the unlimited data plan from verizon?
  13. hey guys, this is my first post, and i know im probably going to get flamed because its going to sound like a retarded question. Here goes: in the movie live free or die hard, the hacker kid mentions that hackers use old "satcomms" to browse the internet, and he uses a cell phone w/ laptop to do it. I know its a movie, and it definitely seemed absurd, but when i thought about it, i started to wonder if there is actually anything like that? i mean i know u can pay for satellite internet for your phone, or also for your laptop, or you can tether your cell to your laptop via bluetooth, but im talking about getting free internet by connecting to a different satellite...
  14. hey everyone, jus wanted to say whats up and mention that this is a pretty kickass site. Im hopin to learn a lot from it, and maybe some day know enuff to contribute as well