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  1. google.... geolog what it means in not sure but it must be evil :ranaway:
  2. or start out with a joke for example something about penatration testing is always funny and you could ask for a female volunteer to demonstrate proper penatration testing just a idea
  3. *cough* WiMax *cough*
  4. Im some kinda IDS click me Which is funny because at the time I had no idea there was a IDS called specter yeah and so is paris hilton
  5. hehe this is gonna be so great why not call M$ to regester XP.....hey guys how come when i install my M$ off Cd it doesnt have a regestration part
  6. This is pointless Ive seen people that actually commited a crime EX killed some one get off with less. 9 years is way to long I say just give him a email account put it on every spam list and make him read every singel one muhahahahahhahaahahha :ranaway:
  7. well google will be a isp just give it time I mean really think about it 1 the now have gmail and 2 they are looking to buy dark fiber I'll be glad to see google isp plus I think they will push firefox with there connections like AOL pushes netscape and so on
  8. The PSPs specs chew up the DS but as far as hacking it I see a lot of promise but you "could" hack the ps2 but it was so horribley hard (EX takes 5 arm jap to put it back togeather) very few people did this. so the PSP could be hacked but is it really worth the time and possibliey of messing up such an expensive toy.
  9. wow someone mangaed to get everyone pissed at them in 2 post...thats got to be a record.
  10. really how would taking down the power grib be of any use to us? tahts like us hacking in to our ISP's and crashing our DNS servers its just annoying
  11. I love how you edit the run levels rc-update add gdm default the rc-update and other rc-* commands are so UBER I also love the documentation/tips section of the gentoo forums they have some really cool threads in there BTW they (the developers of gentoo) are working on getting gentoo to be able to allow you to select either the linux kernels or BSD kernel when you install or both and boot to which ever one you feel like. Also they changed the name from Gentoo Linux just To Gentoo. Gentoo was the first distro to work on the minimac and they now have gentoo protage for solaris and OSX too
  12. I love the fact I can upgrade everything on my system with one comand god I love gentoo ph34r Gentoo and its mad Skillz
  13. Gentoo is great but on a small disk setup like that it would be hard but not impossible. I sugest you go something small like Debian its good for the job. Slack is good but its has no native packageing setup. You could also go OpenBSD.
  14. Yeah W2K pro was their best but I think i'll stick to Gentoo
  15. Sweet!!! ph34r Zearle's mad music skillz