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  1. do you have build-essential installed?
  2. You can just pay $1USD for that if you want...
  3. SEing is hacking. However, SEing is not hacking hotmail. I fail to see how his "tutorial" is about hacking hotmail.
  4. deadwax, if you know what you're doing, then it's not risky at all. one or two entries in a logfile that's over 20mb big is nothing. it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. also, another rule of thumb: defacing is retarded.
  5. I've never been busted for the over 100 sites I've compromised. Did it without proxies, too.
  6. unless you're messing with .gov or the big guys (microsoft, novell, etc.), you don't need to use proxies. general rule of thumb is stay away from such targets.
  7. Each operating system leaves fingerprints in the TCP/IP headers. AnonymOS, created a few years ago and based on OpenBSD, attempts to create a workstation that leaves no reliable fingerprints. lcamtuf's book, Silence on the Wire, provides a lot of details about different TCP/IP stack implementations.
  8. information is meant to be free. try phrack.
  9. it's relatively difficult for the random Joe to find out what your real IP address. However, if Joe happens to be able to do traffic analysis on any intermediate nodes, it is possible to find out where the originating source is through timing attacks. Tor is vulnerable to this.
  10. "Silence on the Wire" "Shellcoder's Handbook" "UNIX Network Programming" "Applied Cryptography" "The C Programming Language" ...and last but not least: phrack
  11. I fail to see how finding/exploiting vulnerabilities is illegal. That's probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. That or you're leaving out more information about your own opinion, which really wouldn't help you either way. It's like saying "I fail to see how robbery is illegal." I'm not here to argue about that, and that wasn't the purpose of my post. Anyway... OP, I like monotype fonts. I used to use it all the time back in the day for a feel of the "old school." I'd set my email client to a black background and a green monotype font like Lucida Console. Looked pretty cool. SonofSparda, You are way off base and you're here for the wrong reason. I highly suggest you do a little research on the issue. You say "I fail to see how robbery is illegal." Is robbing your own house illegal? Nope. Hacking, LIKE ANY OTHER THING IN THE WORLD for that matter, can obviously be used to break laws. The bat in my trunk can be used to bust somebodies head against a wall, or play baseball. Last I checked baseball was in the clear. Same thing with fire extinguishers in an apartment building hallway.. they can be used to break open a door... (It happened to a friend of mine.) Should they be made illegal too? they might be on airplanes.
  12. I fail to see how finding/exploiting vulnerabilities is illegal.
  13. if you do have a virus, you'll probably want to overwrite the mbr before doing anything else in case you have a bootkit.
  14. make an iso of the dvd and just play it back using vlc
  15. pidgin > aim
  16. maybe he set up a vuln-dev network in a vm and wants to install it to his hd. just because it's not "about hacking" doesn't mean it shouldn't be here.
  17. what did the buddy learn doing those two weeks? probably more than just grabbing some exploit and thinking "yay, I have an exploit, I'm l33t." now that's the current state of hackers. old-schoolers have always had 0days.
  18. Or you could keep the 0day to yourself and use it when the opportune moment arrives.
  19. blackhats don't deface, lamers do. blackhats own systems/networks in order to learn more. they don't do any damage.
  20. is there a file named cameron in your current directory?
  21. phrack is all you need
  22. netbsd will run smoothly on that box. if configured correctly, it can run on a box with less than 4mb ram. the smallest install takes less than 50mb.
  23. ubuntu 7.10 comes with the FUSE NTFS drivers out-of-the-box
  24. It all depends on what type of vulnerabilities you want to find/exploit. If you're doing classical exploitation (buffer overflows, format string vulns, integer overflows, etc.), then C + assembly is what's best. If you're doing web-based exploits, then C#, PHP, and Perl.
  25. clonezilla is great