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  1. What is your profile picture of?

  2. I think we need a separate board for skiddies asking how to... A.) "hax" their "gurlfrends" hotmail B.) "hax" their "gurlfrends" myspace C.) get "uber hax" in runescape That way, we can avoid these dumbass topics by just avoiding that board.
  4. Don't know of any specifics. But, really don't do this stuff it's not worth it. The info I have on was collected through perfectly legal channels. I have a friend. I'll poke around, I'm a little curious. Do they communicate with the computer through wifi? Is access enabled by default? Is password protection availible?
  5. Anyone have any information on the specifics of how this can be done? Not that I plan to do it, that would be _illegal_
  6. Telnet. Only if you want to, don't do it for me I'll contact you when I've found hosting and stuff like that. Where can I reach you (email)?
  7. I'd like to setup a text/terminal/telnet based bbs system for a... erm... "group" I belong to. Do you know of any such systems that are freely availible? Any ones you reccommend?