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  1. Binrev was hacked this morning (for further details see )

    A backup from the 24th July has been restored. Unfortunately any posts from the 24th-29th have been lost.

    You will need to use the "I've forgotten my password" feature to reset your account password.

    In the process of restoring the forum files a backdoor was discovered, therefore a decision was taken to only restore the database. This means that custom avatars, attachments, gallery images will not show up until we have had a chance to review them for further backdoors.

    If you see any non file related issues with the forums (missing posts from before 24th etc) post here.

    Edit by Ohm:

    If you have any troubles resetting your password, you can email me at


  2. In my experience the GPS antenna needs a relatively unobstructed view of the sky to work - however that is slightly odd since apparently the SiRFstarIII chipset (which it uses) is meant to be one of the better ones. Perhaps a different antenna would perform better, e.g. under a car.

    According to wikipedia:

    Reviewers have praised the SiRFstarIII chipset for its superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities.[1] GPS receivers based on this chipset have routinely performed better than receivers based on other chipsets.[2]

  3. It would be pretty cool, but what would the point be?

    I have another possible use: To beat speeding tickets.

    Apparently in the UK (according to this article on the BBC News website) speed cameras use the radio time signal.

    I am not sure how frequently the cameras check their time, but if it is real time you could drive around broadcasting some date / time years in the future, and likely be able to get the ticket invalidated for having an obviously incorrect date / time.


  4. The pubdate was being changed when a show was edited, therefore it was actually showing the created date initially, then the date of subsequent modifications.

    From what I can see the pubdate per item is meant to be when the item was first "published" not when it was modified. Therefore I have now changed the feed code so that pubdate is set when a new show is added, and then not changed when a show is modified.


  5. We have been having some server issues lately (last month or so) which have likely caused emails not to show up, and just yesterday we made some further changes - I have now fixed yesterdays issue, and the other stuff was fixed maybe 2 weeks or so ago, so it should all be working now. If it does not work for you now, then you need to wait a day or so for the DNS changes to propagate. If it does not work after that, PM me.

    Also the way it works, is that there is a catchall account for the domain, and all messages go into there to be processed by a cron job. Unfortunately because of this, there is no reliable way to find out who the message was originally sent to. The "To" field is usually good enough but not all the time, and it should not be relied upon.

    The problem is that we really need to use the catch all, otherwise we would need to create separate mail accounts accounts all the time.

    I have been looking into Exim recently (the mail server software on our server), and it looks like we may be able to either get it to add in an "Envelope-To" field which will reliably have the original recipients address by changing the config or pipe messages directly to a script to put in the database. I will look into this if / when I get time.



    if you go to the "rating" and select "more than" 2 when the page comes back... when you click on the blue carrot thingy again the 2 is replace in the dropdown menu with a 0... No other numbers seem to trip it...

    I raised a ticket regarding this issue, and received the following response from Invision:

    I have reported this to our internal bug tracker for review from our developers. This should hopefully be fixed in the next version of the board.

  7. To automatically do the dates, replace $graph_start / $graph_end with either of the following:

    $graph_start = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", strtotime('yesterday')); //Yesterday
    $graph_end = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", strtotime('today')); //Today

    $graph_start = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m"), date("d")-1, date("Y"))); //Yesterday
    $graph_end = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m"), date("d"), date("Y"))); //Today

    For more info see and

    If anyone has a VoIP wiki account please do post it up there.