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  1. Episode No: 1 Download URL: Participants: StankDawg, Lucky225, ntheory, Whitesword, Sub Sonix, Doug, Arch Angel, livinded, Majestic, Underground Lepord, Tron Show Notes: 00:00:10: ntheory: Welcome to phreak phactor 00:00:30: StankDawg: It looks like the stream is stable 00:01:30: StankDawg: Phreak phactor is the worlds first hacking, phreaking reality show 00:02:25: StankDawg: Phreaking is not dead 00:04:10: StankDawg: Shouts to people in IRC 00:15:15: StankDawg: There are 40 people listening to the stream 00:18:30: The *77 conference is joined in to the live stream 00:18:40: Someone tried to call up a Walmart store PA system 00:22:40: Attempting to social engineer Walmart, and failing 00:26:00: Lucky225 calls 1-800-BELLSOUTH and gave the operator pass code 0405, the ANI is read back: 202-456-1414 00:27:45: Illinois state police called 00:29:30: Lucky225 calls directory assistance, and asks for Walmart: 909-899-1441 00:31:30: Someone social engineers a Walmart employee 00:37:55: Lucky225: Story of prank calling two Chinese food restaurants 00:43:58: Sonic: Someone called up a bar and got an off duty cop to arrest an innocent bystander. 00:48:30: 323-462-xxxx 00:48:45: "Does anyone have any PBX’s on default?" 00:48:55: Lucky225: "Did you guys not read the rules for phreak phactor" "The number one rule on the show, do not do anything illegal" 00:49:40: Doug: "Unauthorized access will get you voted off the phreak phactor island" 00:51:10: Tellus operator 00:52:40: 718-348-9999 - emergency interrupt number 00:54:26: Lucky225 gets and operator to perform an emergency interrupt from a Mr. Skywalker 01:00:00: Lucky225 tells an operator he is "special" and gets transferred to an 800 number 01:04:06: Attempt to get a Windows 98 product key, but 1-800-MICROSOFT are closed 01:07:55: Lucky225: "Call Paris Hilton - you have her new number?" "yep" 01:08:35: "I know somebody here has Nicky Hiltons number" 01:09:40: Happy birthday Fez, "We just got owned" (onhold music?) 01:11:45: Lucky225 calls Francesca, Nicky Hilton’s friend, voicemail 01:13:00: Lucky225 calls Michael Lohan, voicemail 01:14:20: Lucky225 calls a backstreet boy, voicemail "this is 310 926 xxxx" 01:15:02: Lucky225 calls Lindsay Lohan’s mum, voicemail 01:15:40: Lucky225 calls Tina Lohan, voicemail "you call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system 516-840-xxxx is not available" 01:17:50: Lucky225 calls "Tony Almeda" (character from 24 TV series?) "I am not available at the moment, please leave a number and your message" 01:23:15: Lucky225 calls Nicky Hilton, voicemail 01:29:00: McDonalds are closed 01:29:30: Lucky225 calls 800-SOS-TACO 01:35:40: Lucky225 calls an operator "Noobish" for not having a zip code listing 01:37:50: Lucky225 attempts to social engineer Taco Bell 01:46:00: Lucky225 makes a reservation at Taco Bell 01:53:30: Lucky225 calls some guy who has an internet radio station / 02:03:00: StankDawg: There are 50 people on the stream right now. 02:03:20: StankDawg: There are 62 people in the Binrev IRC channel 02:08:70: livinded: Reads out movie theatre payphone numbers: 818-709-9149, 818-885-9942, 818-998-9044, 818-709-9252 02:16:30: Lucky225 calls back the radio station guy 02:21:55: StankDawg: There are 7 people on the conference 02:39:00: Call to Dell Computers 02:41:52: Lucky225 calls X103.9 Radio guy 02:48:00: Call to 1-888-COMCAST 03:01:16: Call to 574-867-5309 03:07:10: StankDawg ends the show 03:08:55: ntheory dropps everyone off from the conference 03:09:15: ntheory gives some parting words Post error / handle corrections below, and this post will be edited.
  2. Episode No: 2 Download URL: Participants: BlackRatchet, StankDawg, ntheory, Strom Carlson, Dr Lizard Man, Bubster, Johnny Boy, Jason Scott Show Notes: 00:00:10: BlackRatchet: Welcome to phreak phactor, "I will be your host for this evening" 00:05:00: ntheory: The voting is now working 00:05:20: There are 12 people in the *77 conference 00:06:20: StankDawg: There will be show changes 00:07:10: ntheory: There will be a registration system to identify users (not by CPN) 00:08:15: StankDawg: The show will now be 2 hours long 00:14:41: ntheory bridges in the *77 conference 00:16:40: "There is a reason those reality shows are fake" 00:24:30: Asterisk windows source code 00:34:55: 617-482-0182 00:36:45: "Thank you for using Sprint" 00:38:15: Someone attempts to "tone" out the conference 00:38:50: [The tone stops] 00:40:20: [Feedback] 00:41:50: "This has turned in the PLA bridge 00:42:40: Admin’s try to identify who is disrupting the conference 00:44:00: [stream drops] 00:45:50: [ntheory kicks everybody] 00:54:25: Lucky225’s payphone flash hook trick does not work in Phoenix (it disconnects you) 00:55:40: [Admin’s mute everybody] 01:03:25: Someone gets voted off 01:09:35: 617-482-0182 01:11:20: Someone calls a modem 01:14:50: Someone calls an elevator 01:16:00: StankDawg starts signing 01:28:30: 360-226-6898 01:32:55: The (internationally dialable) UK talking clock number was changed 01:38:00: [stankDawg mutes everybody] 01:38:15: StankDawg kicks a couple of people, then realises the mute/un-mute function is broken 01:42:14: BlackRatchet: Apologies to everybody we kicked 01:43:00: StankDawg start singing again 01:43:30: The un-mute all users is not working 01:45:30: StankDawg kicks BlackRatchet 01:46:40: ntheoy joins 01:49:10: Someone kicked the *77 conference from the streamed conference 01:50:20: The 800 number you have dialled is a test 800 number, this recording will disconnect" 01:50:45: ntheory: "So what went wrong tonight?" 01:50:55: StankDawg: "What went right?" 01:51:00: BlackRatchet: "You let me be an admin" Post error / handle corrections below, and this post will be edited.
  3. If you get tired of the official Asterisk sounds, you can always download the additional version, which has some interesting alternatives: you-sound-cute.gsm :So, _you_ sound cute. dial-here-often.gsm :So, do you dial here often? what-are-you-wearing.gsm :What are you wearing? office-iguanas.gsm :The office has been overrun with iguanas. gambling-drunk.gsm :We're off gambling and getting drunk. nobody-but-chickens.gsm :Nobody here but us chickens! deadbeat.gsm :Deadbeat! could-lose-a-few-pounds.gsm:you could lose a few pounds says-thats-stupid.gsm:says that's a really stupid thing to do abandon-all-hope.gsm:Abandon all hope, ye who dial here wait-offensive-sounds.gsm:Please wait one moment while I access our gigantic library of offensive sounds! why-no-answer-mystery.gsm :Your call is important to us, but exactly why we haven't answered it yet is a mystery even to us. i-grow-bored.gsm:I grow bored of this conversation. talking-to-myself.gsm:Am I talking to myself? uh-oh1.gsm:Uh oh! (in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice) uh-oh2.gsm:Uh oh! (in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice) teletubbie-murder.gsm:has been brutally murdered and mutilated by the Teletubbies. hear-toilet-flush.gsm:to hear a toilet flush, press hear-odd-noise.gsm:to hear an odd noise, press infuriate-tech-staff.gsm:to infuriate our tech staff with your obvious questions, press channel-insecure-warn.gsm :This voice path is insecure - do not discuss classified information or use project codewords. because-paranoid.gsm :because we're paranoid info-about-last-call.gsm:Information about your last call flagged-for-lea.gsm:has been flagged for retrieval by law enforcement officials
  4. Do you have a running contract with Allison or something?
  5. I would like to second that apology, here is the explanation: In an attempt to save some time later on I added a record into a database table with a blank URL. I was expecting the blank URL to be picked up by the error checking I coded in, however it was not. Therefore at around 8pm yesterday, when a cronjob called the script to auto download new shows from their podcast feeds and put them in the rotation, it encountered the blank URL. This then resulted in a while loop going out of control. The while loop (straight from the official documentation) caused over 2GB of error logs in a couple of seconds. After 2GB of error logs the PHP engine core dumped, and the subsequent cronjobs to call the php scheduling script failed, therefore meaning no scheduled shows played until I deleted the error log just now. I have now also recoded the script without the while loop.
  7. The simple answer, no - for a variety of reasons.
  8. I am pretty sure there is no sure law, that prohibits it directly.
  9. Apparently some people setup a laptop and spoofed access points at a "Wireless LAN Event in London". A quote from someone at the event:,39020369,39195956,00.htm
  10. For anyone interested, "Infosecurity Europe 2005" is taking place tomorrow (Tuesday) to Thursday at Olympia, London.
  11. BBC News just got in on the action and published an article on caller id.
  12. You could try OPHCRACK: but its likely there is no administrator password, so try it in safe mode, and just reset the password on whichever account (assuming EFS is not being used).
  13. Jason Scott mentioned the following link in that episode:
  14. The RantTV website does not seem to have any information on it, do you know what time it will show?
  15. StankDawg, I am guessing your comments were posted before this article. Check Yourself Out on Google,1367,67293,00.html
  16. Ok, let me try and answer this one… >I just found a way into the student records databse (thanks to a little network sniffing and a dumb admin). This includes SS #, names, IDs, Grades, etc. That probably was not such a good idea to begin with, but if you can access “SS #, names, IDs, Grades, etc” then obviously so can anyone else who discovers it, which includes your details. > I COULD report the bug to the director of IT You should do this, the best way would be anonymously via eg hushmail, and if they don’t do anything try someone higher up. > i COULD mess around with my new found power You could mess around and get yourself in a lot of trouble when they find out. > On one side, the whitehat side, whats the point? The point is that the “right” / “ethical” thing to do is report it, simple as that. Some background reading: [moved to Nubie HQ, thread locked]
  17. Are you sure it only sent you the cover? - If you are using XP multiple pages in a tiff document can be accessed by the page icon in the toolbar, otherwise try downloading another a tiff viewing program
  18. I recently developed a PHP script to automate uploading radio shows to, just copy shows into the appropriate folder, and as long as they have valid artist / title ID3 tags the script will upload them. Download from
  19. Some other interesting / not so interesting sites that accept zone transfers: From a security point of view, Zone Transfers are usually not particularly bad for small websites however it is a good idea to disable them from machines that are not your secondary nameservers etc. AT & T are effectively giving out a list of 1088 machines on its network, that could benefit a potential attacker (an IP whois lookup at would also get a comparable result). Wikipedia has an interesting commentary on the issues involved.
  20. Oldskoolphreak also seems to allow zone transfers but the 11 item list is not so impressive.
  21. It is the same for the UK with BT ISDN lines, or at least thats what I was told by someone who administers a PBX.
  22. You could try Audacity
  23. According to the data sheet, the IAXy does support pulse dialing, and at $100 it is at the cheaper end of the other SIP type units, or at least the ones I have seen.
  24. I would have said DivX, but it doesn’t look like it is easy to convert to.
  25. Nope, can't say I have really heard his name mentioned at all lately. A Whois shows that the domain registrant to be "Typhoon Games Limited" in Hong Kong.