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  1. Just be careful to only press the "Save" button once It is now working correctly
  2. From the Shadows 4 was just released. Features an interesting tour of the LA automated traffic and control system, then a demonstration of how it is possible to change red lights to green on certain traffic lights (filmed kind of strangely, possibly for legal reasons, and not new, but cool to see a real life demonstration of none the less). Edit: I Hacked just posted some info on the traffic light transmitted
  3. I have been using a "D-Link DG-104S" (4 FXS ports) for a year or so now - picked it up on eBay for a reasonable price. It works, but I would not particularly recommend it. Have also used a Siupra SPA 3000 and found it slightly complicated to set up (it is not meant for end users, so do not expect it to be easy / find your self some documentation before purchasing one). A TDM400P is probably a good choice since it is specifically designed for Asterisk - I recently ordered a TDM11B (1x FXS + 1x FXO) but have not received it yet. An interesting point to note is that Digium will provide you comprehensive free installation support, even if you buy through a reseller, which is good to know since they are not exactly cheap cards.
  4. Just uploaded my copies of the episodes to
  5. If you are interested in how it works, I would recommend setting up Apache, Ethereal, and taking a look at There is only a security issue due to poor programming practice. ie you should ideally not allow anyone to upload files to publicly reachable directories, and if you do, you should check file extensions using a suitable regex. When uploading a file, the mime type is sent to php from the client browser, and should therefore be considered tainted, if this is not being done and there’re are no other safeguards, you are basically letting anyone execute Perl/SSI/PHP etc commands on your server. I have not tried it, but I would guess that there are probably quite a few upload scripts reading in the raw filename also, and using it to save the file as is, therefore making it possible to send a filename of “../../somefile.php”.
  6. You can also run "ztcfg -vv" and check it shows something like the following:
  7. There is a copy on
  8. Just got an IAXy It seems to be slightly buggy though: 1. Setting an "altserver" results in random disconnections (blue light goes out) during certain calls. 2. I have 2 phones supporting caller id, one works and the other does not. 3. Trying to transfer with the "#" results in "I am sorry, that is not a valid extension" immediately after dialing a single digit. Anyone else have these problems?
  9. I have the new black / dark blue version (had to wait a couple of weeks from when I ordered it through since they had run out of stock and were producing more). It gets warm, about the same as my other equipment (Linksys router / wireless bridge etc). I am also not sure why they felt the need to use the tiny power connector that has a tendency to fall out
  10. I am trying to have someone call in, be put through to the Iaxy device, and then be able to transfer them to eg another SIP phone I have. Therefore as far as I can see I need "t" rather than "T". "T" allows the calling user to transfer calls (and I do not want someone calling in, and dialing 9 to get an outside line) unless I am missing something? Also "t" works with my other phones, just not the IAXy.
  11. Try the following:
  12. You could probably get something going on the command line, but php/perl would be a much better choice (you can format the output more easily).
  13. I downloaded v2.7.3. From what I can see they do not seem to have any reference RDP on the site now. Irongeek, did you test it using an actual terminal services server?
  14. Tried out the RDP sniffer between two XP Pro machines, the status said "decoding", but never gave me any passwords
  15. I have the following, which are still at if you can spare the bandwidth - StankDawg do you want to take off the password protection? To be honest though it is not really worth it for the steele ones, just to watch him talk on stage for 5 hours.
  16. I asked a while back, and they replied with the following
  17. Has anyone decoded the DTMF in the intro?
  18. You are not the only one, to have gone to a boring presentation recently If the presenter has a WiFi card, you could also set up an access point with an appropriately named SSID - from memory windows will then pop-up a balloon tip box with the name of the new access point on screen and try to auto connect. You might also be able to bluejack the laptop but I have not tried that - does windows accept vcards on bluetooth?
  19. Apparently to "phonecrastinate" is to "put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number"
  20. Looks like it needs renewing:
  21. Jodie Kidd endorses 2600:
  22. Irongeek recently posted a list of "Pen-testing Tools for the Pocket PC" at
  23. It is up on
  24. Download it from
  25. MojoNetworks was used for a time to host the radio show MP3 files, but not the site. QiQ offer 10GB Web space and 100GB Bandwidth for £17 ($30) per year however servers are very closely monitored for content, and they have some other restrictions.