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  1. A whois shows the addresses you mentioned belong to "Columbus Network Access Point". I suggest you contact
  2. Thanks to the massive interest in the story generated by digg / slashdot the schools website has now been completely DOS'd offline. The irony of it!
  3. Webmasterworld are apparently running a blog on the comment lines inside their robots.txt file
  4. Topic closed, see forum rules.
  5. Hack TV for the IPod was encoded using Videora on the "MPEG-4/320x240/768kbps Stereo/128kbps" setting.
  6. Default radio coming back?
  8. VoIP Blog recently posted a hack to get free SkypeOut calls to any toll-free number in the U.S.
  9. On most OS's double clicking them should work, otherwise try click + dragging them into your media player if there is something wrong with the file associations.
  10. IT conversations just put up an audio talk about Asterisk:
  11. Some interesting videos on bugging, telephone fraud:
  12. You can also try adding an s onto the end of the name, eg would become - this will show you highlighted php source if the webmaster has turned on that option.
  13. Thanks for the info, has anonymous FTP setup which allows write only access - this is intentional to allow people to upload among other things Hack TV segments.
  14. Doesn't Lucky have a PO box?
  15. Inmarsat satellite phones are apparently unencrypted:
  16. No, but there is an option on the menu to do it. "Tools" > "Options" > "Messages" > "Automatically keep a history of my conversations" [Topic moved]
  17. Mplayer can save most types of streaming audio / video as long as you can work out the correct command line switches.
  18. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the new material.
  19. I am not sure about the SCCP firmware, but with the SIP firmware they come with a default "Chirp" type ringtone (a high pitched short beep repeated multiple times per second). There is a zip file of several ringtones floating around the net, which includes the 24 ringtone, you can also make your own (if you need a copy let me know). To use custom ringtones you need to have a "TFTP" server setup and running all the time, since the phone downloads the ringer/ringlist.dat file every time it reboots. There is an MP3 version fo the Cisco one at ( )
  20. For anyone interested in TechTV / Kevin Rose, there is also a meetup video posted at
  21. Quick answer, for DDP HackRadio: 1. Show hosts / people with content. 2. Server you have root access on 3. Ices / Icecast ( ) 4. A custom coded PHP radio management system (DDP HackRadio has been running on version 1, and we are now in the process of upgrading to version 2). When we looked there were no open source systems (or reasonably prices commercial solutions available) so we decided to code our own. 5. Around 13-40GB per month bandwidth (from memory we once got around 70 concurrent listeners). The management system is able to autodownload shows from their podcast feeds, for automated streaming at a prescheduled time. Show hosts can also stream live, or upload shows manually via FTP which will also be automatically streamed. The schedule is dynamically generated from the list of uploaded / schedules shows. From what I hear, most shows use regular PC microphones, and software such as Audacity for recording, although a couple have professional equipment used for other purposes. There is a pretty comprehensive list at Hackermind was one of the first, followed by Radio Phreak America ( ), Binrev, and Default Radio ( ). Black Ratchet & Strom Carlson are the current hosts of Binrev Radio, before that it was StankDawg.
  22. There have been a number of DOS exploits for this phone - code for the older vulnerability is available at
  23. Just uploaded what I have to
  24. Hacking Google AdWords, StankDawg's Defcon presentation is now available online: More Info: Doc Droppers Article: PowerPoint:
  25. The X100P was replaced by the Wildcard TDM400P However the Wildcard TDM400P does have a number of advantages, such as upto 4 user selectable FXS or FXO interfaces and (easy) UK caller ID support (although it seems to lack phone line connection reporting like the X100P has). If you want to call between a number of analogue phones, you need to plug them into different FXS port.