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  1. Thanks for the band plan link mute, I’ll check it out. I also looked at that IRLP site you mentioned on RFA: It currently says that node 560 Callsign GB3LV (London, England) is “CONNECTED TO ECHO” - I would guess this would mean it repeats what you say back or something? (and therefore isn’t currently working properly?)
  2. Great live radio - All you would hear would be Wintermute transmitting? But I could certainly hook my scanner into my computer and stream its output back over to you
  3. I think there should be another option on the poll for people who don’t know/don’t want to say what “”hat”” they ware. ... I just clicked the edit poll button, but it did not give me any buttons to add extra items to the poll
  4. Why thank you :voteyes:
  5. An interesting / entertaining read about a security audit:,,t48...2122279,00.html
  6. You would never guess what just happened to me ! Today seems to be special for some reason, first its one person hacking my telnet, then I got someone on my Back Orifice honeypot server! but as it turns out they were just some script kiddie using a tool. Well it all started, when I was lucky enough to have opened a remote desktop connection to my server, I had minimized it and then heard this beeping, after wondering what it was I realised it was my server, and then I saw someone was attempting to make popup messages appear. So I immediately port scanned them back and you’ll never guess but they happened to have netbios on 138-9 open! Well of course their was nothing else to do but send a “net send” message to them, which went something along the lines of “Chat with my, my email is … or chat on my website at” Well the person actually went to the chat on my site, so I said something along the lines of you got stuck in my honeypot, then what’s your business on my server? and the person replied that he/she was using some automated tool to port scan a range of IP’s! And here’s the log from my honeypot: Tue Sep 17 20:32:47 BO PING sweep attempted by Tue Sep 17 20:32:47 BO TYPE_SYSDIALOGBOX attempted by Tue Sep 17 20:33:51 BO PING sweep attempted by Tue Sep 17 20:33:51 BO TYPE_SYSDIALOGBOX attempted by
  7. All only scripts, go spoil it won’t you The chat was hilarious by the way, well the first bit, then it started getting a bit boarding. Thanks for the info on the other chat bots, I had a look for one that interfaces to MSN but could not find any, but since the MSN protocol is open surely someone will/would have done it. When I was looking for chat scripts to put on my site a few days ago, I saw some pretty funny examples of real people chatting to bots which they thought were real people as they were on eg AIM or something, where the possibility of bot linkup in not widely known about. BTW SD by my count I have referred about 5 people your way since I put up the link - must have doubled your daily number of visitors