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  1. Anyone else catch the "secret" (reversed) message played on off the wall 2006-05-30 @ 38:17
  2. Just tried to get a picture of my Ericsson T610 searching however I was unable to get the camera to focus correctly on the screen and it came out all blurry. Edit: Took a bit of trial and error, but I got it to focus - check your mail.
  3. Querying for "google" at or using the web interface at will get you a list of Google IP blocks (including one for IPv6 )
  4. We have updated the board software to the latest version of Invision. Some of the new features include: Integrated gallery support (we are currently working on configuring it for use by board members) WYSIWYG text editor (enabled via My Controls, Board Settings. Topic Rating - (Currently undergoing testing in moderators forum) Integrated RSS feeds - See bottom left hand side of screen (currently enabled for General Hacking, Old Skool Phreaking, and Hacker Media) - we may change this at a later date / add other forums). Unfortunately our custom skin by PsypherX is not compatible with the new version, therefore it is unavailable until we are able to update it. If you notice any issues with the forums (broken images etc) or have any comments regarding the upgrade please post them here.
  5. Just came across this article - Apparently some trains have signs that do not require passwords.
  6. I got the first hour, but then it appears mplayer crashed / got disconnected so I missed the rest. Anyone got a copy of the complete show?
  7. I just replied to a post using the Binrev skin in Test Posts and it seemed to work - since the post appeared (tested in Firefox and IE) - can anyone else confirm this issue?
  8. I just had a go at getting our custom skin working again. It is by no means perfect but at least it is something until we can look into it properly. (You can change skins by using the selection box at the bottom left of the page, next to the XML button)
  9. You should probably also check your httpd logs, for the commands they ran / tried to run. From memory I used something like the following: tail -b 52428800 logsfile.log | grep "eharniy_ekibastos" > exploithits.log Then you should can decode the %## encoding and see what commands were passed to the php script and executed with passthru. I did pretty much the same analysis as you for binrev a couple of days ago
  10. Yep, I have it hooked up with my Asterisk server (running Asterisk CVS-HEAD-07/09/05-19:26:54). Since it took quite a while to setup / get working in the first place, (with an FXO/FSO card, D-Link MGCP box etc) and has been pretty reliable ever since I am not going to risk problems by upgrading the phones / server anytime soon if I have no reason to. From what I can see version 6 of the SIP firmware added a lot of extra features and is definitely worth the upgrade, however subsequent releases are just bug fixes. A good resource to check out for the 7960 is
  11. Have not had that issue with mine - I am running Firmware P0S3-06-3-00 Might be worth upgrading to firmware P0S3-08-2-00 (the latest) if you are having problems - it is now available for free (legally) from Cisco.
  12. Doug currently owns the domain.
  13. They are also on and
  14. Since the Binrev archives are not getting updated too quickly lately, I have setup streamripper to record a couple of hours of the stream Tuesdays. Pirate copies of Binrev radio are available from Edit: Moved to "Hacker Media" (I posted it in the wrong forum)
  15. Great (My recording of the stream seemed to have issues this week anyway)
  16. From what I have seen you can usually set the TSID on a sending fax machine (senders name / phone number) which gets printed somewhere on the header / footer of the document at the receiving machine. Unless the receiving machine has caller id recognition inside it, you would likely be better off changing / (spoofing) the TSID.
  17. Just listened to a panel recording from SXSW (“where the web's most creative minds share their ideas about how interactive technology will shape our future”) titled “The Future of Darknets: Can Hollywood See the Light?”. It was a discussion on copyrights, and features some interesting exchanges with a MPAA representative who gets complete shot down by audience members over DRM.
  18. All vulnerabilities were patched (I updated it a week or so before the whole thing happened). allowed both inbound and outbound email. Only a single account appears to have been spamming which I suspect was manually registered. It also appears the emails were manually send through the Squirrelmail web interface, mainly using multiple addresses in the CC field.
  19. Thanks for the ideas, we are currently considering options and will bear them in mind.
  20. That would be a good guess. A Nigeria registered an account and has been sending out spam emails, therefore we have temporary disabled it.
  21. The schedule has now been updated.
  22. Give us a week or so to check the show out and if no one gets back to you PM me.
  23. It does password cracking and that is about it. There is no sniffing functionality. See for some more screenshots. I got it running on a HP 5450 running Pocket PC 2003.
  24. The BT SINet site has technical information on ADSL and POTS lines among other things.
  25. According to The Register, residents of Shoreditch, London, UK can now get access to 500 CCTV cameras for £3.50 per week.