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  1. Binrev Hacked 2009-07-29

    No further backdoors were found in the files, therefore they have been restored. Post here if you see any broken image tags.
  2. Binrev Hacked 2009-07-29

    StankDawg has asked me to mention that the site is now being transitioned away from him and over to a new team and that he will no longer by running things.
  3. Use the "I've forgotten my password" feature to reset it.
  4. Binrev Hacked 2009-07-29

    Binrev was hacked this morning (for further details see ) A backup from the 24th July has been restored. Unfortunately any posts from the 24th-29th have been lost. You will need to use the "I've forgotten my password" feature to reset your account password. In the process of restoring the forum files a backdoor was discovered, therefore a decision was taken to only restore the database. This means that custom avatars, attachments, gallery images will not show up until we have had a chance to review them for further backdoors. If you see any non file related issues with the forums (missing posts from before 24th etc) post here. Edit by Ohm: If you have any troubles resetting your password, you can email me at
  5. Talks from various cons

    TSOK now seems to be called sok-media. Defcon recording are available from
  6. Streaming audio from last HOPE (Hacker On Planet Earth)

    I am uploading stream rips to
  7. Caller ID Spoofing To The UK!

    Looks like they shut down more than the buy page - whole site seems to be down.
  8. BT Web21CSDK

    Has anyone used the BT Web21C SDK? I only just discovered it - apparently allows you to do stuff like setup conference calls, start calls between regular phone lines / SIP endpoints, and has a VXML type service.
  9. In my experience the GPS antenna needs a relatively unobstructed view of the sky to work - however that is slightly odd since apparently the SiRFstarIII chipset (which it uses) is meant to be one of the better ones. Perhaps a different antenna would perform better, e.g. under a car. According to wikipedia:
  10. Garage Door Opener Brute Forcer?

    The only reason?
  11. If anyone wishes to digg this article you can do so here:
  12. Hacking Autosetting Clocks

    I have another possible use: To beat speeding tickets. Apparently in the UK (according to this article on the BBC News website) speed cameras use the radio time signal. I am not sure how frequently the cameras check their time, but if it is real time you could drive around broadcasting some date / time years in the future, and likely be able to get the ticket invalidated for having an obviously incorrect date / time.
  13. RSS feed - PubDate Changing for old shows

    The pubdate was being changed when a show was edited, therefore it was actually showing the created date initially, then the date of subsequent modifications. From what I can see the pubdate per item is meant to be when the item was first "published" not when it was modified. Therefore I have now changed the feed code so that pubdate is set when a new show is added, and then not changed when a show is modified.
  14. As droops mentioned, I tested it a few days ago and it seemed to be working fine. The server did change IP's - do you have any whitelists setup etc which it needs to be re-added to? Also which subscription option are you using - Delayed / Immediate / Daily / Weekly?
  15. 23C3 Streams

    Not quite all - seems to be missing the same ones that are also missing from the ccc's ftp.