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  1. Yeah, 8.10 ubuntu works wonders. Wifi support, sound, the works. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. I tried all the fixes i could find from here and a couple I found on Google but nothing. I've concluded that since my xubuntu cd is fairly old, about over a year, maybe some hardware isn't supported. I downloaded and installed ubuntu 8.10 becuase I've read it supports my machines hardware.
  3. Thanks alot for the help. I'll report back with the progress.
  4. The installation prior to the updates did not have HAL. I noticed this after the first time I attempted to run the updates. I scrolled through the updates list to see what maybe could have caused that and i saw 'hal' but I did not think much of it. Do you think perhaps if I just opt not to install HAL that my network card will work? EDIT: I have not tried to restart it, I will have to do that when I get back to computer.
  5. The machine originally came installed with Vista which I could use wireless with. Its about 3 days old total. Can i reinstall the HAL packets without an internet connection? Because once I run the updates and restart, I have no connection whether it be wireless or not.
  6. I've got this small problem. Whenever I install xubuntu on my new acer, everything runs smooth until it comes time to use the machine. Xubuntu shows that I have no wireless capabilities (i ran a 'lspci | grep -i wireless'). Ethernet works wonders and all, but it would be alot better with wifi. Anyways, back to the story. Since newely installed, I run the system updates which takes about a half hour and restart the machine as prompted. Upon booting and logging in, an error message pops up stating: Failed to initiate HAL. and the top right status bar that displays the battery and network connection shows nothing except the shutdown button. I ran 'ifconfig -a' and saw that i have both wlan0 and wmaster0 and I've tried 'ifconfig wlan0 up' but doing that does something similar to ending the process explorer.exe on a windows machine. I've also tried reinstalling multiple times but each time the exact same thing happens. Anyone have any ideas? OH, the machine is an Acer Aspire 2930, 2.0 ghz, 3gb memory, 250 hdd, with intel processor.
  7. I recently looked into infrared and some objects that use this communication, and since I do not have 100 dollars to spend on an IRtrans infrared module, I had a question. Those infrared dongles they sell on Ebay for very cheap, is there any way to increase the range? I've seen this with a blue-tooth dongle which arose this question. I don't think 1 meter is a very good range at all.
  8. Please delete this.
  9. Thank you, Ohm, for the advice and practically saving me. Yes, the batter is very big and heavy, so I'll just go out and buy another. I have another question if you don't mind. I need a battery that I can use and recharge for quite a while, particularly to hold a charge from solar cells. I've heard car batteries work for this. Any advice?
  10. I have an acid battery (?) that was used as a backup for the alarm system on my house. Its dead now, but I was wondering how I would go about charging it. A friend of mine said I use a regular plug (positive and negative prongs) and strip the wire and just connect the battery to the positive and negative on the battery. Is this so? If not, how would I go about charging this battery?
  11. Hey, I'm looking for an old laptop, preferably one under 100 dollars, for pen testing (one thats very portable). I'm searching around ebay and I was just wondering what would be a good amount of HDD space and memory for some pen-testing tools. I don't believe I would need that big of a HDD especially if I was just to install a small distro of linux. Which leads me to my next questions. Besides the normal live cd's, what are some good small distros that I could install some pen-testing tools on?
  12. Well then, nevermind about the ASSEMBLY. C it is. I understand where you're coming from about answering my question. I still have much to learn. So you're saying I should learn C first and work from there?
  13. Thank alot, RETN. That was what I needed. I was planning on learning ASSEMBLY becuase I've heard of it's perks over C/C++. I know it will be a much harder learn but the soul is willing.
  14. I was just wondering what someone might need to know to program a device? (Ex. like a remote control for a RC car or something such as an MP3 player.) I understand the building of the device is needed first, but mainly the... interface?.. is what I'm wondering about. What sort of language would I need to know (if one is needed at all)?
  15. I was doing some research about OBD-II plugs and sockets, and I can't seem to find what type of socket my car has. There is two different types that I am aware of (ELM327 and Vag-Com). For all I know there may others. Well the question is, is there any site that lists what type for what model, or might anyone know of the type for a Toyota Scion Tc?