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  1. Whew, it has been a LONG time. What's up around here these days?

    1. Guest


      Hey Philosopher, I just returned here a few days ago as well. Welcome back!

  2. Hello, all.
  3. My paper, "Notes Concerning the Security, Design and Administration of Siemens DCO-CS Digital Switching Systems", the result of a year of detailed research, has just been published in Phrack #67. FInally!

  4. Greetings all- For various reasons I have been on an extremely lengthy sabbatical from H/P lately (all other aspects of 'real life' called, left a voicemail, msg'd me on IRC, etc. ), and I'm not entirely prepared to return fully just yet. I just wanted to note that the new issue of Phrack, #67, has finally been released and is now available at I have an article in it regarding DCO-CS PSTN switches, my phreak magnum opus really, which I highly encourage everyone to peruse and comment upon. Enjoy! --The Philosopher
  5. has returned to the H/P 'scene' following a long hiatus during the academic year...summer!

  6. Post some more, help increase the collective IQ of the board :)

  7. occasionally reminded of the rather unpleasant fact that people such as yourself actually EXIST. I prefer to pretend that they don't.

  8. You thoroughly disgust me. A member of a military, who makes quasi-fascist comments such as "People need to determine when it is time to set aside their rights for the good of others." and ridiculous ones regarding wanting to kill "the inventor" of spyware, in addition to more moralistic idiocy such as an idea to create malware to delete child pornography. Ugh. I am occasiona...

  9. I think your message box is full...won't let me send you a message.

  10. No, not a Rand acolyte, but an anarcho-capitalist.
  11. The only problem with libraries such as those you mentioned is their governmental/publicly funded nature. I love and have always loved to patronize libraries as much as you did and do, but it often weighs upon my conscience a bit as I am essentially patronizing an institution built and paid for with stolen money, with pilfered funds. --The Philosopher
  12. I also once experienced a similar incident-these sorts of oddities collectively comprised one significant impetus factor for me becoming a phreak! It is likely that this resulted from accidental (or potentially intentional) mis-wiring and/or programming that ultimately created what is known as a "hot drop" into your line. I am unaware of the extent of your knowledge of the layout of the PSTN, and I may be about to repeat some information of which you are aware already. At the junction boxes/access points (the likes of which are also known as 'B-boxes' and appear to be usually greenish pedestals appearing every 40 or 50 ft. in suburban areas, located either directly on the ground or high on utility poles), the wires that bring landline service into your home are spliced along with many others and run off to your house. Research 'beige boxing' for much further information on the exploitation of these access points. Instead of connecting a phone directly to these wires to utilize one's service, it is possible also to simply run them off to another house/connect them to another pair. The really interesting aspect of all of this is that, often, B-boxes are messy; that is, many wires that carry service to various houses may be and usually are interconnected in this fashion. Usually, though, the other pairs/wires to which yours are connected in the box-the vestigial/residual connections, are 'dead', i.e., inactive and nonfunctional. In rare cases such as this, though, such connections may be 'live', or unexpectedly active. This could result from three primary causes: 1.) (Malicious) intent-if someone was to intentionally place a 'tap', to splice your wires and run them elsewhere. This is quite unlikely, though, as it is obviously detectable and of limited stealth. Plus, you wouldn't hear people on the other end... 2.) Mis-wiring, as mentioned. It's entirely plausible that a lineman made a mistake while tampering with wires in the junction box, lost track of them, and accidentally created such a "hot drop" as a result. 3.) Programming mistake-phone service is "turned on"-that is, wires are activated, at the switch, or, actually, through various OSSes (Operational Support Systems) connected/linked to the switch, such as COSMOS, SWITCH, WFA/DO, etc. An error in programming or input into certain OSSes could lead to the creation of a hot drop, by mistakenly activating a connection to your wires that was previously 'dead' or placing an order (known in telco terminology as a 'ticket') for work to do so. I hope that this proves informational! --The Philosopher
  13. Well, in the Autumn 1990 issue of 2600 there is an article entitled, "Build a Telephone Induction Coil" by the 1000 Spiderwebs of Might in which this process is walked through. --The Philosopher
  14. This is indeed an excellent sociological treatise of much historical value. It is also available online at . Many of the insights into H/P culture are still relevant to a degree, but the sections concerning software pirates are nearly completely outdated, I would presume.
  15. Alas, although it was once an excellent and predominant medium for online communication, especially prior to the proliferation of the World Wide Web, Usenet since the onset of Eternal September and particularly now in 2009 has been a wasteland filled with little but spam, spam, and more spam. I am also interested in the answer to this, as it would be excellent to communicate via any groups that remain active and spam-free. --The Philosopher