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  1. LOL The site is not down, simply moved to new domain :-) -- Web Site / Forum / Blog -- Archives -- Podcasts *soon*
  2. @ R4p1d, Thank You buddy. I did not. Will update my blog with the proper info =) @ intimidat0r, LOL yeah. Well I think th3hackers is more unique name =) Which will stay for sure. The will still work till May 24, 2009 We now have domain too for archive.
  3. We now have new domain The domain will still work till May 24, 2009 You can access our blog @ , and our archives @
  4. Hi phasma, I run Ubuntu 8.10 x64 on Core2Quad. works perfectly. You might want to ask on ubuntu forum, they help there really fast.
  5. See new site here >
  6. @decoder, yeah lol. I was testing the flash player out and uploaded index.php to main directory instead of sub-directory. Now its fixed. I got couple more servers and updated site template. Also, now have twitter page @ you can now follow updates on your cell or pda if you like. Podcasts server is ready for beta testing @ Will add much more soon.
  7. Thank you is now running on three servers, one is for main site, second for archive and third *comming soon* podcasts server =)
  8. I've moved archive to its own server at and installed CGI-Proxy at Any one is welcome to use it for surfing. (no downloads with the proxy please). In time more contents to the site will be added.
  9. @ Hembree, If you mean the domain name then NO. The name will be ALWAYS. As for the description "Resource for the rest of us." I am listening ;-)
  10. Thanks One day, I hope LOL I will sort those archives. It will be more organized and up to date.
  11. Just want to clarify that Archives have moved, since I've upgraded site from Drupal to PHP-Fusion. You can access it from here, simply go to and click on "Archives" menu ;-) Any ideas, help or comments are always welcome and appreciated. Enjoy everyone.
  12. I see my bad ;-) No hard filings... I am working hard on this site, trying to update it daily. Hopefully some day, it will be a useful resource for all of us =)
  13. @ xcalibur, First of all I've mentioned that this is a new project and under heavy development. Second of all I am trying to resurrect old archives first, then add the new stuff as I go. So if you think I've posted this url too early. Thank I am sorry. I did not know that this is not allowed on BinRev. Thanks.
  14. @ xcalibur, Have a look here please >
  15. @Y0ungBra1n, Thanks. But I found better deal for vps at