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  1. Why would you want to deny users to your site because they like a different browser than you?
  2. It is something I believe ntheory came up with. It involves spoofing a number to yourself to find out who the number belongs to. If you spoof just the number, the switch will look up the name attached to the number on their billing records and send it to you on caller id.
  3. Hmmm. I wonder what all this was? ← you will need to use the friends page link I replied with. If you notice the friendid in the url from the profile page, it has a pipe '|' in it. That is what makes it invalid.
  4. Thats just it, I'm not sure what they are trying to do, but I think they are at about 3 seperate accounts.
  5. I just went and found the link to the friends page from the first message I got (Feb. 13)
  6. I have gotten three messages on myspace now, from different people telling me this: it then has a link to add that girl as a friend. Each profile has 17 friends on the profile page, and when you try to view all the friends, it says that the friends list is set to private. If you notice, they screw up the friendid in the url, but if you fix it with the real friendid, you will notice many men who have added this 'girl'. I have noticed that the last one that I looked at had over a thousand friends. If you have already seen this, then this will provide for a warning for others. the link to the profile is here:
  7. I tried Videora with those settings and the video and audio got off sync with a few different settings.
  8. I recently got a video ipod and I've transcoded a few videos and put them on my ipod. The shorter files, like music videos and tv shows, everything was fine. Once I tried to make a movie fit on there, the audio would get off near the end of the movie. Sometimes up to about 10 seconds off. I've tried a few different programs such as ImTOO ipod movie converter and Videora iPod converter, but both did the same thing.
  9. You are probably already immune to that vunerability. If you have automatic updates on, the patch will be installed.
  10. I am looking for a 406 meeting, and if one does not exist, I, along with a few friends, would like to start one. The problem with the 406 area code is that it is the entire state of Montana.
  11. It's too bad you had to take down the 712 number as well.
  12. Killer idea.
  13. you heard the man /1337 h4x0r sk1llz
  14. I signed up under invision620 my link:
  15. You will need to know how the bar code is encoded.