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  1. And nothing of value was lost.
  2. Care to share? You didn't ask if they would tell you, you only asked if they had experience. He answered the question.
  3. You seem to use lots of good logic and post good stuff. Keep up the great posting.

  4. It's kind of arrogant to assume that on a hacking forum we don't have to deal with the definition of hacker versus what people think it means every day. The "good-boy" definition is already offset by the media and propaganda.
  5. Dude you don't have any proof of that. If you've got a hunch then the only evidence you see is that which supports your hunch.
  6. Whoa this thing is retardedly detailed. Davis thanks you for this.
  7. I don't understand the self-righteous attitude from the OP. If someone is providing you with a set of free tools and services, (the government-run school in this case) and you are not a part of the team providing the service, then why on earth would you complain about it? And then complain again when someone refuses to help you on an ethical basis. Look, our point is not that what you're doing is wrong, circumventing networks that are available to us is how most of us learn. It's why you're doing it; playing pranks is still black hatting (there is no grey area). Instead why not try changing your motives? Instead of being the antithesis of this network admin why not courteously use your skill to audit his network and leave a friendly .txt file on the desktop with flaws and how your broke in and what to do to fix it. Then go to him in person and re-explain everything. You'd be amazed at how revealing yourself in person can turn someone's initial anger around. And even if you think big bad Netadmin is out to get you then try and realize that he sees your intentions just like we did; malicious, and probably thinks of you as a threat. Show him you're not a threat by politely pointing out security holes. And if he doesn't want you to after you've tried with the whitest hat on that you can, leave him and his network alone. You can't force your help on someone anymore than you can force your revenge.
  8. I've been learning about voice recognition software (merits, limits, future) and I wanted to actually acquire some software. Free stuff is good but I'm willing to pay for good, customizable software too. I have searched for Voice Command software (in b4 gb2 /google/) and I'm really just not sure what good software there is. I'm really just looking for something that has a few presets (Start , Shutdown, Defragment, etc) and customizables like "Photoshop" ; "Prompt" ; or "Restart Safe Mode". Instead of having to make shortcuts or drag through my 3 column start menu I'd rather just pull voice commands for things. If anyone can just do something as simple as recommend a good software, that would be great. Thanks.
  9. I thought you gotten the BFG 8600 GTS OC like me... I guess not. If you had done that, they come over clocked from the factory.
  10. Except when you use a 32-bit OS. It caps at 4GB and depending on the devices and the OS, sometimes 3.12 No matter how good your hardware, your software will limit it. So no more is not always better
  11. this makes it look like the vista fr free so u save 150 dollars Regarding the website in question, I would suggest downloading the McAfee site advisor (For IE and FireFox) and taking a look at what it says about it when you do a Google search. (For the record, it shows it to be green.) A program that makes your computer look like Vista doesn't "save you $150". Windows Vista has a completely different architecture than the other previous Win OS's. If you want to keep Windows XP but have it look like Vista, then go ahead and use a skinning program, or such like this. I'm using one called VistaMizer which replaces the Windows XP theme with the Vista images/sounds/cursors. It doesn't take up any more RAM than the standard Windows shell normally does because it just replaces the existing stuff (backing it up of course). Do a search for a torrent of it, most of the sites that host VistaMizer attach spyware to it.
  12. Did you...have a problem with my choice of wording?
  13. I used to be into that back in early high school. I adopted the handle "Digital Bomb" with absolutely no knowledge of computers (other than user-level) or networks. I used to carry around this Coyote Linux floppy and someone had taught me how to use SAMdump and bkhive. Then pipe that into a text file and try dictionary attacks (and occasionally brute force) with Cain when I got home. Honestly it was never fun and I was always paranoid...and lacking in any real knowledge at all. I stopped being interested in cracking my school's security system that same year and I moved on to legitimate learning. When I moved and went to a new High School two years later, I made friends with the Principal and Superintendent (and also the Dean). It was kind of easy, once I became the Library intern, to get legitimate access to the network (which was routed by two Cisco 1600's separate from each other, one for public use and one for the computers housing grades; easily connectible with a crossover cable and interface configuration...). To tell the truth I was the one who hardened the whole system and even made our spying software access differently so that computers would not lag when being spied on (hinting the students to the presence of the ever watchful Mrs. Richart - the Librarian). So I've been on both sides of this and honestly...most school systems are so out of date that a kid with no knowledge can do some damage or go where they honestly shouldn't otherwise go. I say it's not worth the risk -- there's not even a challenge. Hell, our school's printer had a WEB SERVER that you could access remotely with a laptop or such and do whatever you wanted. It's all hokey pokey till someone gets poked in the hokey You'll do whatever you want anyway, but I say don't bother. Go find something to hack that isn't paid for by tax money. Or is a public "hack-me".
  14. Too many newbies to greet? Guess I have to add another into the mix. My name is Davis and I'm a Geek Squad agent. I love my work and am interested in any kind of data forensics or information assurance. I probably wear the whitest hat of anyone you'll ever meet and it will be nice to join a forum where I'm not the smartest individual for a change. Non technology related interests include literature, writing (both fiction and non-fiction), Martial Arts; specifically Hapkido, and Japanese interior decoration. I'm currently pursuing my dream of becoming a Cisco networking analyst (someone encouraged me to get my CCIE) and Cyber Forensicist. Only credentials I have are two years at Tulsa Technology School (Information Assurance and Data Forensics); High School education; Attendance at a state competition at Oklahoma State University's CSI (Cyber Security Invitational) where I claimed first place in both the Network Sec and Forensics competitions. [if you need proof, I have pics, haha.] Uh...and I have a voucher to take the Security+ test for free...but I'm reluctant to use it until I've studied more...and until I'm ready to go into the field since you have to take it again every two years anyway. NICE TO MEET YOU ALL. (Caps = cruise control for cool, etc.) Also, I am pro