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  1. What!? This is sad to hear. I want to say thanks for the ride! I remember I would I would race home from GRADE SCHOOL to come and listen to binrev and RFA! These were some of the first security podcasts I ever listened to and I know in some crazy way they put me on track to reach my goal of landing a job in the industry. Thank you!
  2. Got there are about 45 min late. Guy said it was over Thanks for posting the pics and audio!
  3. In case you didn't get me counted, count me in! I can't wait. I've been telling people about it so maybe we'll also get some more from it. Yeah!! I might be a little late... any advice on where to find you guys? Who should I talk to?
  4. I'm up for it!
  5. DAMN! I should of verified the time with you all . I was there from 1:00-1:30. I'm sorry guys At least I'm glad to know you guys did not ditch me...
  6. Hope to see ya all there tomarrow. Ill be there at 1:00
  7. Let's go with the 10th. OK?
  8. Does not matter to me. Does anyone have a preference?
  9. Im up for it As this is my last year in college I want to leave an impact however small. If I am able to leave a lasting compsec group at the University than I think I would be happy. I have plans to bring a lot more people together this school year and depending on the politics start something official at the U. I would like share some ideas with you all next time we meet up if your up for it.
  10. Im up for it
  11. either works equally well with me given the same amount of notice Same here... Ill need a week if possible. If not, I can do it anytime after 5:00
  12. there.. i don't see anyone, but at least i know where it is and where to park for the next time! I havent been in a university building for 18 years! It's creepy sorta. . .. hmm this chair is more comfortable than mine, though, and it's really sunny and spacious in here! It's like being at the airport! Haha. Glad to see we have one more person on bord. Hope to see you and everyone there next month!
  13. I don't think i will be able to make it this time! I really wanted to but finals are kicking my ass right now. I have been in the works to create an awesome "hacker challenge" for you all. I will have it ready for next month. It will involve many different skills.(part geocaching, programming, cracking, etc..) I really hope you will all play. My goal is to have it be a "take home" (I can only think of "school words" right now) thing. There will also be prizes... I use too many quotes... Not sure about the meeting mate, unfortunately I wont be there Keep us informed about the tour in this thread- some hack-factory people are interested.
  14. 23rd looks good. Ill try to be at the next meet as well No objections- I'll try and invite some of my friends as well
  15. May 20th going once!! May 20th going twice.... I cant do 20th... any day after that should be OK...