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  1. I remember when I thought rooting a box was cool, until I realized 9,000,000 other people could do it too. Now I reverse engineer malware...don't see skiddies doing that now do you?
  2. is using metasploit on his droid!

  3. i hate it when people at school ask you to change their grades.... what? lol yeah im not interested in getting expelled
  4. other things are useragent, hostname of your actual computer (bobs-pc) and your external host name (
  5. nice idea input validation may see the lack of the '@' symbol and think the email is invalid
  6. yeah a while of googleing shows no way to even know what protocol it uses, i tried fuzzing port 80 but nothing happens, no errors or crashing of my http server, i have no idea how to write the code for this exploit if i dont even know how to use it correctly lol
  7. i think i started with scamming (social engineering) for passwords and stuff on IM and runescape, which i learned about tsearch then moved to cain and abel, then that opened up all kinds of shit, like nmap, nessus, linux, which led me to which led me to application challenges and realistic challenges and metasploit and now im learning asm, mostly just the reverse engineering aspect of it, so i can fuzz and debug vulnerable services, then make my own exploits in metasploit and it delivers the payload cause its so 1337, and BAM!....did i mention i played runescape at one point in my life lol? also in there somewhere i made websites for people that were dynamic (php!) and tested that for all kinds of injection problems (POST and GET), also instead of cain, i just put in linux and overwrite the hashes in the SAM file with a nothing who needs brute forcing when you have OVERWRITING! by the way while i was in my hackthissite stage, i got these skiis labeled 1337 on a ski trip, i was like HOLY EFF cause i was just talkin in 1337 sp33k for so long then, omg the extacy was like doin a J turn in your moms car
  8. lol i like our layout today
  9. so is there a certain value in the exe we can change to dial any number?
  10. lol i love the cockpit for this plane:
  11. theres a password thats preventing me from booting off a cd! is there a way to do this without taking out the battery? because thats what i know how to do so far, ive also manually brute forced a bunch of passwords and its not the defaults for sure
  12. external ip's dont show up in ipconfig, but u can just google "my ip"
  13. he means like, get a website that has a php script that logs the ip to a text file, then look at it, BOOM!
  14. i bet if you fine tuned the cheap voice changers, you could mimic the pitch/compression of someones voice, but theres no way youd get into the actual way they talk (accent?) theres miniscule diferences in the way people talk even if they have the same accent anyway..
  15. yeah remove the cmos battery, its like a disc, and also take out the regular battery if that doesnt work in the first 10 minutes, keep the cmos battery out but put the regular battery in and turn the computer on then take the battery out while its booting