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    I broke 10 posts and all I got was this lousy title!
  1. Should i pay for this Os

    It is said that ubuntu 7.10 had resolved wi-fi issues. Also if you want to use another distro, you must mount your wi-fi card at every start up to use it.
  2. Programming Languages

    lisp or python. Lisp is just plainly beautiful and python is beginner friendly. Also both languages are powerful and with those languages at hand you can easily find open source projects to contribute.
  3. DocDroppers needs your help!

    To me it seems like there are no grey areas. Deleted or not, in every situation wikipedia can easily show that the material originally belong to them.
  4. DvD dissappoinment

    k lite mega codec pack..
  5. DocDroppers needs your help!

    Template Primer.
  6. DocDroppers needs your help!

    Nowadays i have much time to spare. I started wikipedia copying and if anything else is needed, i can help. Note: I try my best to implement wikipedia templates.
  7. Bypassing HP Power-On Password with Unlock6

    hp had ftp problems for a long time and they had resolved it a few days ago. maybe the file you have been needing is uploaded again.
  8. How did you...?

  9. welcome NEW PEOPLE