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    My major interest is the passion I have for everything I do in my career. Hacking is the best game I have ever played or will ever play. Other interests include learning Ninjutsu, Chess, Piano, Russian, Mathematics, and what I call the three P's: Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics.
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  1. Backbones?
  2. I also thought that Debian would have been more popular. I use Debian. My second favorite for when I really care about performance is Gentoo. I like how Gentoo is really popular in Russia. Damn hardcore Russians.
  3. I like my VMware setup.
  4. Pretty scary. Our vice president has a pacemaker.
  5. What do you guys think of e-gold? Personally, I like the principle of privacy, regardless of having enough money to justify it.
  6. I think its cool.
  7. Make sure you learn and understand everything. Trying to go right for the gold with no understanding is script kiddie status. Learn networking, programming and OS internals. To answer your question: I assume your using nmap, if not then get it and learn it. Try a "version scan" on the different ports and see what their running. Maybe its out of date and therefore vulnerable to exploits. nmap -vv -sV <host>
  8. I had a similar issue when I wanted to use a Cisco IOS cable modem / router. What was interesting for me at the time was that they didn't allow that Cisco modem / router but they did allow that other modem that was able to get more bandwidth. I forgot the model but I went with that and used there own list against them.
  9. I believe they work to an extent. I almost think of it as training wheels for newcomers to meditation.
  10. Nice. I want my room to me just like yours.
  11. Hello. Anyone in the southern California, orange county area?
  12. I'm going.
  13. Then in that case, going back to the original question: Has the internet created social rejects? No, because "The one person at school that everyone feels like picking on." or "Or perhaps the one person at school that feels like they're being picked on by everyone..." and similar kinds of people existed before the internet. The internet is just a nice place for such individuals.
  14. What is a social reject?