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  1. trust me he dosnt have the money to go to college he ows alot of people money im just trying to find him
  2. ive tried that I have no clue where he is and noone he knows here knows where he is either and his parents wont talk
  3. I would but noone knows anything I tried this is my last resort thing
  4. I know him pretty well but he has been lying to me about everything hes doing and if I do this then I will be able to call his bluff and tell him off when I find him if I know where abouts he is then I can tell people where to look
  5. could I use ip sniffer? amd if so how im kinda inept when it comes to this stuff
  6. hi im just trying to find my friend he ditched me and he owes me over 6 grand and he uses MSN quite frequently so I was wondering if there was a way to find where he is accessing from to see what city he is in I would appreciate all the help you can give.
  7. Even I know this one it is really easy you can even take the password off his account when u turn on your computer and it is loading windows turn off your computer and the next time you boot up it will say that windows couldnt load there is an option to boot in SAFE MODE do this and you can delete the password off of any account you want and change it or even create new ones
  8. I have not tried to gain access to the router so I am safe I have not violated any laws so I cant be dinged for it thank you all for your concern and your advice
  9. True thank you all for the help
  10. Im doing this more for the experience im not doing it to aggrivate or screw with people I just want to try it out
  11. its not my MAC adress its my neighbors and with all the stuff I have seen here I didnt think hacking a wireless internet was a big deal
  12. im have no idea wht there running im using a D-Link DWA-542 Rangebooster N on my PC it says that the MAC(BSSID) is 00:13:46:BF:0D:6A and its on Channel 11 it has a WEP encryption on it anything else u wanna kno?
  13. I have access to a bad internet connection and was thinking of using my neighbors instead I just have never hacked before and was in need of help. Im incredibly new to this so you might have to explain some terminology to me and stuff any help would be greatly appreciated