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  1. Hello Angel, I tried many MD5 rainbow table which i generated by myself coz i cant afford to buy some from online. lol The rainbow tables which i have generated were as below: md5_byte#4-4_0_100x16_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_0_1000x16_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_0_100x160_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_0_100x1600_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_0_10000x1600_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_1_1000x160_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_11_1000x160_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_11_2100x8000000_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_11_10000x160_test.rt md5_byte#4-4_0_1000x160_test.rt It took me 22 hours to generate these tables but i am disappointed because none of any one helped me. Any helps guysssss.......please? G.
  2. Hello Vector, This is 4 bit hash and I think that this is MD5. Please get back to me for any more info. thanks, G.
  3. Tried nearly 3 GB wordlist to crack this : d8c09258a25e37a9a4b75402641b7210 No success !!!!!!!!!!!! Please anyone suggest which wordlist should i use to break this hash or is there any other method? thanks, G
  4. Hello there, Can anyone send me the plain text file of English dictionary word list, please? I meant "word list" means without any thesaurus or meaning. I just want whole english dictionary's words in text file. My purpose is to break on hash file using dictionary attack. Hash file is: d8c09258a25e37a9a4b75402641b7210 Can anyone please help me to send requested text file? thanks, G.
  5. Follow below steps" (1) Click Run, type cmd (2) Type netstat or netstat-n or netstat -na. Mostly time you will get an ip with netstat followed by pressing enter key. (3) To trace that IP Download a software called IP searcher from any hakcing website. (Make sure that you dont have any other website open or many IMs on your screen) To track someone's IP address, on you screen, you must have only two box open. 1- your messenger and 2. your friend's (victim's) IM box. (4) Once you get this software, you can able to trace and can able to find MAC address of that PC or network too. (5) It is not possible to get an IP address by email anymore. Unless you have set up server. Yeah it was possible few years ago where email was coming through IP header but not now. Get back to me if still you have any doubts.