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  1. Thanks for ideas and suggestions ive got a couple weeks vacation the end of this month and im gonna play around with this then and read up on stuff in th mean time.
  2. Im ok with paying for unraid if it makes it easier somewhat. Ill read into that and probably play with the 60day trial. Now its going to get interesting dividing up gpus... ill see whats out there for open source and play with that too. Thanks
  3. Yeah, so i ran across a deal this week i couldn't pass up on a used HP Z800 workstation and am looking for some ideas to make use of all that power and to catch up on the new technology that has come since i stopped following computer stuff so closely. Dual socket Xeon X5690 @ 3.46Ghz turbo up to 3.7Ghz. Total 12 physical cores 24 logical. 96GB of DDR3 1333 ECC triple channel. Asus GTX1070 STRIX running Win 10. Obviosly overkill for a gaming rig. I haven't played with virtual machines since about 2005-06 even then i was just using virtual PC to test/build windows images before they were deployed. I have done 2D & some 3D Autocad work in the past. I don't really do any work at all with video encoding/transcoding or rendering but i assume this would be pretty good for that. My ideas so far: *setup 4 virtual machines to run 4 EVE clients simultaneosly on 4 monitors. I have no what VM software is good anymore since it's been so long since i played with anything like this. *Get Autocad/Solidworks on this. *Setup and run a couple dedicated game servers or teamspeak/discord servers inside virtual machines. *Circuit simulation software Multisim or SPICE variants. IDK how cpu intensive they are anymore on modern hardware as it's been some time since I've used them. *Setup a single or multiple virtual machines as a gaming box to be accessed over my LAN by a much less powerfull computers. I feel kinda silly asking this but IT skills are perishable i suppose. Any suggestions on what to read up on as far as software, applications or cool shit to do with a stupid amound of CPU inside one box? Or can anyone suggest any books/resources to read up on to help bring me up to speed as im about a decade behind. VT-d and hardware passthrough seems to be the real important thing for getting good performance from a VM from what little i've read so far. Thanks
  4. not sure if it will help as they are kinda old but i have 2 HD6970s and 2 HD4870X2's that i dont use. One of the 4870x2's need thermal pads reapplied.
  5. zero turn radius electric mobility scooters/wheelchairs...  
  6. one fully intact one dissassembled partiallly but appears complete.
  7. Sounds good ill try to hop on this week... also ic0n, i ended up picking up two 3 slot payphones recently.
  8. Hey everyone... it feels like a highschool reunion over here.
  9. notacon is soon : )

  10. I will be there along with a massive pile of equipment this is my third year attending I'm also local.
  11. http://smalltowngeeks.net/2009/10/01/small-town-geeks-episode-2-i-phone-and-wep-cracking/ these guys are using a 500mW version.... idk if the drivers are the same. This may be of some help EDIT: forgot to mention that theyre using 900 series EEE i dont think it matters though
  12. I finally put the full docs up on the notacon wiki since all i had to show at the con was some last minute scribbles on a piece of paper. Yes the old laserphone project finally got recycled, documented and put into use in the scene. http://wiki.notacon.org/DuctTapeandLasers Enjoy : )
  13. Just a random chime in about the n64 emulators and hardware requirements. I have ran them with little or no problems on my old laptops. 1.6GHzPentium M 1.7GHzPentium M 1.8GHzPentium M Intel ICH6M chipset graphics (915GM/GMS, 910GML Express) 1.25GB PC-2700 Not really impressive machines... About the same as current netbooks really. Although i do remember perfect dark would have drops in fps from time to time. So aside from that the only other thing was sometime it was nessisary to tweak or just use different drivers especially video. But i suspect that was more due to my wonky chipset graphics than anything else and only affected certain games. I mainly used Project 64 and 1964 as my emulators btw
  14. if you have some of the recordings with "data streams" you can try using this to decode... http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/MMvari/ i have found it works quite well... at least for what im using it for
  15. *bump* Also my project is coming along nicely after some newly acquired equipment(Hitachi V-660). The entire software back end and some tests transmitting are all