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  1. Can some one tell me how to format the drive(patition) on this labtop. . . I have been google around and can only find how to guides with the windows vista dvd. . . this lab top did not come with a vista dvd. . . I hope i can get a quick awnser... edit: found this and now think i know what im doing. . .
  2. Ok . . .Umm. . . I found a program called drivermax. it will save all your current drivers to a disk or usb drive. and i found Dban.iso... Dban stands for "Darik's Boot and Nuke" I think im ready. . .
  3. "well there's your problem'.. There is know problem. . . I have not done nothing yet but download the iso files... i was hoping some one could give me a quick walk threw before i go threw with this.
  4. I found a cracked version of windows xp crystal 2008. have a Hp pavilion dv2000/Windows vista... If some one could show me exactly how to do this from start to finish, would save me alot of hair pulling and aggravation. I have CDburnerxp... i have a old junker dell with windows ME maybe i could start with this. IM clueless. . .
  5. Is there a command to drop a ip that has connected to my computer. example: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED its a game server and i need to dissconnect some one.
  6. were can i get this Atheros card. Should i get this one?
  7. with vista you cant use programs like nmap, ettercap, wireshark and or other programs used to sniff packets. i have used backtrack 2 on my desk top and love everything about it. Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card (rev 02)
  8. I just dont know what to do any more. i spent to manny weekends trying to get backtrack2 to work. i even gave my labtop to a local computer shop. So then the drivers are already located on my labtop? < simple question and i hope i get a simple yes or no answer... If the drivers are located on my computer then how do i find them? < a nother simple question... I have downloaded about 10 differnt drivers and installed them correctly using ndiswrapper. after about 50 hours and 20 bucks waisted, i think its time to give up...
  9. i have a copy of ubuntu beta 7.10 and backtrack2. I gave up on backtrack, ill never be able to get my wifi card working with backtrack. and i just tryed ubuntu beta and the system never could boot. I got this long error [4115.202015]Bcm43xx: Error: microcode "Bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not found or failed to loadIm running vista, cant stand it and im starting to think this wifi problem im having is due to vista. so im looking for a free os system that will run with no wifi problems. It looks like ill never find one so ill have to get windows xp.
  10. Right now im running windows vista. I would like to make a iso disk but dont want to go threw the wifi problem. so i want to ask what linux system has fixed this. so far ubuntu 7.10 beta has fixed this. but are there any others out there that i could try.
  11. how did you get the idea that you have to mount your wifi card at startup everytime using anyother distro than ubuntu 7.10. i use a couple different distros and i dont have to do that. Could you give me a few examples of what "lunix os systems" you used that dont have this wifi card problem. besides ubuntu 7.10.
  12.;id_distro=308 <----pay for back track <----Free iso if i was to pay for back track, will i still have the same problem with my wifi card? what are the benefits when you pay? Do all lunix os systems have problems recognizing the wifi cards? edit: i should have read this before i made this post.
  13. i have installed ettercap. Im on a labtop with windows vista and a wireless connection. i do know how to use the program in linux but in windows i get this errer C:\Program Files\EttercapNG>ettercap -T -q -M ARP / // C:\Program Files\EttercapNG> ettercap NG-0.7.3 copyright 2001-2004 ALoR & NaGA ERROR : 122, The data area passed to a system call is too small. [src/ec_capture.c:src/ec_capture.c:116] No suitable interface found... C:\Program Files\EttercapNG>
  14. i was sniffing as i replayed and i get the same response threw ettercap as if the client did click on the link. but if i was to check "netstat -a" or my firewall logs ill see know connection. It was a mis understanding. This link had me in the understanding that you could do what i was trying to.