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  1. it doesnt matter what i change my SSID to, 3 seconds later that conection right there, which puzzles the crap out of me, changes to whatever SSID ive chosen. my conection is the one on teh bottom. sorry for making it so small. you might have to click on it. any idea why that guys conection is doing that? i would try conecting to it but it only shows up every few seconds then dissaperes. i also noticed that it swiches between channel 1 and 6. and whats Peer mode.
  2. I searched on google but 2 of the sites i visited gave me viruses. i searched on the fourums but you cant use teh word IP in your search string. so i serched nuke and flood, no help. all i need is a simple ip nuker that can disconect the IP address from the internet for just a few seconds. the target will almost always be behind a router. Im not shure how nuking a ip address works but Im wondering if I would beable to nuke a IP when i have less band width. not that much down from the target, ill be about 100kbps slower then them as far as upload speed. Like can i make it send a flood of packets or can i have misformed packets that the router wont know what to do with and will kind of spam it to death. I hope you guys understand what im saying right now becuse i bearly know what im talking about.
  3. There is this site that has some programs on it that i want to get. problem is I dont trust the site very much. Now I looked around on google a bit but all I got was adds for antivirus software, which i already have. so im asking how can you get a virus by downloading a EXE file. Do i actualy have to execute the file or can i get a virus by just downloading it. also how do i check a "security tool" for viruses when my antivirus software is going nuts over the program.
  4. well my anti virus does not like Cain, but i know its safe, well heres the site http://www.elitec0ders.net/ my main concern is the vague discriptions of some of the programs.
  5. Dude i love your avatar!

  6. heres one of my favoretes that can be done in 2 min. 1 earase all IE icons off of the desktop, start menu, ect 2 right click on the desktop and create shortcut. 3 for the location type : shutdown -s -t30 -c "You got H4x0r3d" or whatever mesage you want to give him. 4 for the title type Internet Explore. 5 DO NOT CLICK ON THE ICON! 6 right click on the Icon and go into proporties then change the icon to the internet explore. 7 drag and drop the icon to places that you deleted it from. 8 (optional) create another shortcut but this time type shutdown -a. this will stop the 30 second shutdown. this can be done for any program not just Internet explore.
  7. How to hack a traffic jam Or for those lazy people who realy dont care to chang your driving habits:Build a Light change device hope this helps, also im about to take my driving test, do you think i might get a bad grade if i had one of those in my car? also...
  8. think you could take some pictures? ive built a few computers but never with that mobo.
  9. I have reason to believe that there is some crazy keylogger in my computer. But i have no idea on how to detect it and i think that its not transmiting it across the web. any idea on how to find it?
  10. do you have any pictures of it? and did you read the user guide that came with it? i looked up the card on google images and saw none with any holes in it. also does the card work just fine with the hole in it?
  11. Im looking for a program (or tutorial) simalar to Cain, but i need to beable to highlight a IP address and in 2 seconds, well basicly, cut it off. For Example. lets say somebody on my other computer on my network is chating on aim with IP adress 12.345.678, i see that on cain and want to block it from my router instantly. or what would work even better for me if there was a way i could tell it to only let like 90% off all packets through. Btw i dont have my linux station built yet so im still stuck on windows XPyah, first post
  12. well the person had direct accses to my computer for almost an hour. so... and whats rooting your box?
  13. when i say reson to believe, i mean sombody said they put somthing on my compuet, i dont know if their bluffing or not.
  14. dang im learning alot... i dont have a linux computer yet, so i cant have fun with all that. im learning python to write scripts, so far i know how to use python as a complex calculator. another thing, the computers that i will be "controling" dont exactly have a standard OS. its not mac, windows or linux. its somthing totaly weird. Im not even shure what its called. Im going to flash my router, then see what options i can do with a better firmware. the defualt stuff doesnt even have a restricted ip setting. for now while im learning to program scripts i will just use cain to find the IP that i want to block until i can get a more automated system set up. Just wondering, are there any sniffers that can do what Cain can do but better?
  15. oops. i shouldnt have posted that.... please dont make this topic turn into one of the hundreds of other topics where all people do is talk about what makes sombody a hacker. now... YAH! i have a project. ok. heres my plan of attack. learn all about ARP, routing, and anything haveing to do with that. learn to script better ( I know a bit of pascal... And please, i dont need to be told its older than dirt. posibly I should learn python or perl) I should have this figured out in about 3-5 weeks... just wondering, if i get this figured out, what use would other people use this for, or how would it be useful to sombody else other than me. Also I learn best by doing. reading mountians of information will go in one eye and out my head while leaving my other eye bleeding. so whats a good way I could learn by "doing" this?
  16. Thanks for the above. Now about my IP...I know. its just thats a local IP so its most universal. i dont think most people are going to bother looking up my ip... but thats off topic, I have a new question to go with my other one. I barely know anything about hacking, but from what ive read... is hacking just basicly scripting?
  17. I think you got a bit confused... i was saying how good this site was for help compared to other sites. so in other words what your saying is that there realy isnt a easy way to do this. 1 whats exactly do you do when you flash the router. 2 also i have some pretty complex settings on my router and if i flashed it what kind of compacations could arise. 3 is it posible to brick my router if i flash it? 4 whats ssh?
  18. Im using a WRT54G if thats any help. but my problem is that for what im going to be doing i will be blocking most likely 10-30 ip adresses a day. and when i see one that needs to be blocked, i need to block it instantly. like I have computer A and computer B. computer A is using the internet to serf the web, play games, download music, ect. while computer A is being used i need to be on computer B and stop it from there very quickly. both computers on my network are hooked up to my router. btw if this will ease your minds i am the "admin" on this network. so other than going into my router config and adding a blocked ip every time i see one. is there a way i could do it though the Command promt? I also like to say thank you for all your help. most other sites ive been to my post just sat there like a dead cat.
  19. i like the program... but im only like 3% shure on how to use ARP. but i was wondering if i could use a second program to establish a ARP then use that program to do what i need to do...
  20. FIRE!! BURN IT ALL!!... its not that hard is it to get a sticky note and duct tape it to whatever box with a list of contents. or you could adopt some ISO procedures... evil ISO... but i like my original idea best... :pissed: FIRE!!! :pissed:
  21. HI! Im new to hacking and want to learn more about cracking programs and network manipulation.
  22. Well... Google is buying dark fiber. Dark Fiber. sounds to me like google wants to have some fun controling the high speed internet. also i read somwhere, cant remember the exact spot. but google wants to build these big tractor trailers with massive storage on them that will "suck up" a copy of the internet onto them. If google does this they will control every aspect of the internet. want fiber optic internet? buy it from google and use google's copy of the internet. but as with all issues we should use Occam's razor to help with this issue